Kors Krazy


I have and probably always will be a massive lover of anything Michael Kors (the amazing handbags, shoes, clothes and watches).  Now as someone who doesn’t like to splash out on big purchases which realistically aren’t within my price range I decided to start my foray into Michael Kors products by purchasing a MK Rose gold watch.

I am in love with this watch ( MK5128) and am so happy that I bought it. I believe that is a statement piece of jewellery which really stands out . I love paring it with a black dress and heels especially.

The price was reasonable as well, I don’t remember of the top of my head the cost of this beauty but I shopped around. I eventually found it the cheapest on an online store so it’s definitely worth checking around before you buy.

If you are worried about it being too big for your wrist don’t. It is easily adjustable at your local jewelry store  and I have pretty small wrists and I’ve coped just fine!

The only disadvantage that I have found with this watch was something that I was already aware of before I made the purchase. The rose gold is just a coat over the material of the watch. This in my case and others I am aware of had started to rub off. This doesn’t particularly bother me as it is only on the underside of the watch and no one is looking at that anyways.

Overall I am so happy with this purchase and would happily purchase a MK watch again.

Until next time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x

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