My Favourite Youtubers of All Time

I love nothing better than settling down for the night to watch youtube videos. I love way too many youtubers to even be able to fit them all in a blogpost but I am going to start a little mini series of my favourite youtubers from each category.

I thought I would kick off this youtube fest by introducing you all to my all time favourite youtubers. These people have entertained and inspired me to become a better person and to create better content.

 Zoella aka Zoe Sugg

Zoe was one of the first youtube channels that I ever watched and is my all time favourite blogger.  She has always been someone who I have admired. I think her everyday makeup look is flawless, and her product recommendations are spot on and have enjoyed using all of my purchases that I have seen in her videos. I enjoy watching her collab videos as they are always thoroughly entertaining. However, the main reason that I have put Zoe as my all time favourite youtuber is because of her honest and open approach to talking about Anxiety and Panic Attacks. As a sufferer myself it was really nice to see someone express their honest thoughts, opinions and tips on a matter so close to my heart. If I had to pick one Zoe video as my all time favourite I would pick “Just Say Yes”.

This video and the corresponding blog post has literally changed my life.  I originally read the blog post first and this encouraged me to try to go for more days out. After reading the post I decided to take the leap and visit the  Harry Potter Studio Tour in London with some friends. I had a brilliant day, yes the trains got super super delayed because of an accident and yes I had a panic attack but it made me realise that I got through it and I can get through similar situations. The video just cemented that idea for me in my head. I have changed my approach to social situations (I mean I volunteered to do a speech at work, that NEVER happens) and daily life and I have never been so happy and proud to be “just saying yes”.

Tyler Oakley 

Tyler was the very first youtuber that I EVER watched and his videos are what got me hooked into watching youtube videos. Tyler’s videos always brighten up my day. They are always funny, witty and energetic. His videos have me laughing for minutes. But underneath all the hilarity Tyler has inspired me to be true to myself and don’t think about or listen to the haters. Life is too short to not do what you love, like what you like and love what you love. His confidence and outgoing personality has inspired me to spend more  time in social situations and to really care less about what other people think of me.

If I had to pick my all time favourite Tyler video it would have to be this video. This video makes me laugh so much every time and I watch it more often than I probably should but I have an always will be a huge Darren Criss fan and this video literally summed up nearly every one of my friends reactions to those photos. I mean just look at them. hot damn!

Brogantatexo aka Brogan 

I only recently stumbled across brogan’s channel and I absolutely love it. I really enjoy watching videos from someone who has come straight out of college and gone into the world of work just like me as at the very beginning I was being swayed by people’s words that maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do. She inspired me and made me realise that it is okay not to follow the crowd and that going your own way and doing you own thing is okay.

I like her honesty about the products that she reviews and the fact that she isn’t afraid to say what she really feels. Her monthly favourites and birthday hauls are the best videos to watch. I really enjoyed watching vlogust and I honestly don’t understand how people can leave her hurtful comments as she is such a lovely person. I also think that watching her Vlog videos has boosted my confidence in learning to drive (sounds strange I know), but she makes it seem effortless and it really has made me not see it as such a big nervy thing.

Check out her latest video here:

 Nikki Phillippi 

Nikki is has such a bright and bubbly personality that you can’t help but smile when you watch her videos. I have been watching Nikki’s videos since the beginning of the year and i absolutely loved “How to be Happy January”. Nikki’s tips in each video really helped me to get my year off on the right track. I loved the How to make your dreams come true videos and wrote my own list of small goals which in the end helped me to reach the bigger picture.

I love Nikki’s makeup videos and think her everyday make up is flawless. My all time favourite Nikki video has to be the video below. It made me realise that going out with makeup everyday isn’t always the answer, your skin needs a breather and you need to be comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Last but by no means least : 

Sprinkleofglitter aka Louise 

Louise’s videos are always super inspiration, super funny and a pleasure to watch. I love her bubbly personality and when you watch her videos you can’t help but feel like your day got just a little bit brighter. I really enjoy seeing Louise support people through their various problems and that she isn’t afraid to tackle hard issues in the hope of making people feel better and like they are worth something.

My favourite Louise videos have to be “how to be body confident” and “having hope” as seen here:

The video having hope is brilliantly filmed and put together and I wish that there was someone around telling me that a few years ago. Louise really is an inspirational and thoughtful person.

So that’s just a quick run down of all my favourite youtubers who have had an effect on the way that I live my life. 2013 has been a pretty awesome year for me so far and I can honestly say that at least one video from each of these lovely people has helped in someway to get me there.

Please, Please, Please go subscribe, like, follow and all that jazz  because they are super awesome people who deserve all the success in the world.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x


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