A letter to my 16 year old self

Dear 16 year old Charlotte,

I don’t want you to do anything completely differently in life. Everything you have done has led you to here. 20 years old and being the happiest you’ve ever been.

Now I know your probably won’t listen to any of this advice and have probably already started rolling your eyes but this is stuff you need to hear.

Life hasn’t been easy and I would love to tell you it gets better, breezy, easy but then I would be lying. Anxiety is going to be a constant struggle, it will never go away but it sure as hell gets better. There are however a few things you can do for yourself that would make things easier.


  • EVER EVER wear bright pink eyeshadow again!
  • push your fringe to the side. That doesn’t constitute a side fringe, it just looks like your hairdresser gave you a wonky fringe.
  • boast about your 20/20 vision. Sorry to let you know kiddo, but that disappears pretty quickly.
  • sweat the small stuff. It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. If you won’t remember it in a year it isn’t as much of deal breaker as you think
  • be so judgmental, people you never would have dreamed of being friends with in school are now some of your bestest. Opposites attract and all that.
  • be phased by the people who tell your best friend they hate you without even spending 2 seconds actually getting to know you. You are better without them.
  • listen to the boys at school who think it is funny to see how embarrassed you can get. The probably don’t even remember that they did it and don’t care. You think boys suck at this point. But let me tell you sister, you will soon realise not all men are bad.

You are doing pretty well considering.


  • keep up with your school work and try to answer more in class. It is written in everything school report. Raise that hand!
  • stay away from parties with drink. You are not ready for that yet.
  • try to get out more. Those TV box sets will be there forever. Don’t let life pass you by.
  • try to dress better. it will help you in the long run. Photo’s won’t make you cringe as much.
  • grow out of your love for Edward Cullen. Not cool. Not Cool.


Now I am only doing this because I love you. The worst is yet to come. 17/18 years of age is going to be tough. There are days you are going to cry yourself to sleep more times than you can count, skip more days of college than is probably allowed and not do so well in your exams. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s just say that the bad grades wasn’t the worse thing to happen to you. Because of that you have a job you love and hey at this point in time you didn’t even realise you wanted that job. You have friends who love you for YOU and you have more of a social life.

OH and one more thing, for the love of god – STOP SINGING. You are driving everyone insane.

Future Charlotte xx

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