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Now I know some of you are probably thinking that four perfumes doesn’t justify a perfume collection post but hear me out.  Last year I only owned one perfume and hardly ever wore the damn thing it just sat there looking pretty. I finally forced myself into wearing it every day and have been loving perfumes ever since. I remember the first ever perfume I bought was one by Clarins, I forget the name now as this was years ago but my collection has grown from then.

The first perfume I bought after that was MARC JACOBS DAISY. I have since repurchased my second bottle of this as pictured above, I love this perfume and its floral/feminine scent.

Then came two purchases where the BODY SHOP ATLAS MOUNTAIN ROSE AND INDIAN NIGHT JASMINE FRAGRANCE MISTS. Both two completely different scents. I love that these are easy to carry in your handbag, this is where the Indian Jasmine Mist currently resides.

Finally is my most recent purchase the CALVIN KLEIN EUPHORIA FOR HER. I am in love with this more mature scent. It reminds me of berries, flowers and spices.

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