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Recommendations : 5 films I have watched on DVD this month

I have had quite a bit of time recently to watch some movies that I have been meaning to catch up on. All of the below come with high recommendations from me. Love them all.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I am in love with this film. The cinematography is incredible and it has a spectacular cast. Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch can do no wrong in my eyes.

The Hobbit

Such an AMAZING cast featuring a plethora of my favourite British actors including Martin Freeman, James Nesbitt, Aiden turner and Richard Armitage. The scenery is incredible and the special effects are pretty damn cool also.

Pitch Perfect

I love this movie. I like most things that include singing and dancing and this is no exception. Skylar Austin’s voice is incredible and I really enjoyed the final performances of the film. The Becca and Jesse developments were some of my favourite parts whilst Rebel Wilson is comedic genius!

Struck by lighteningย 

As small independent film created and staring Chris Colfer from Glee. Again a fabulous cast and some witty dialogue. I love the plot and concept of his film.

Identityย Thief

Hilarious film. Ever since I started watching Arrested Development I have been in love with Jason Bateman’s work. Funny plot and dialogue. A great cheer you up movie. Melissa McCarthy is genius in this.

Happy watching

Until next time
Laugh love and shop
Charlotte x


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