My first Micellar Water – L’Oreal review

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I have always been a bit hit and miss with my skin care routine over the years. I used to use face wipes all the time (yikes) and then progressed to a Clarins foaming cleanser which I loved but found to be a bit of hassle and extremely expensive.

I popped into Boots last month to see if I could purchase a cheaper drugstore alternativeĀ  and was actually quite shocked by the amount of products. After hearing some pretty complimentary reviews about the L’Oreal skin perfection 3in1 Micellar solution so I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed! I really love this product. It is easy to use and I like to use it on the Boots large cotton pads as this allows you to reach a good part of your face with the solution. I feel that it really does a good job of removing my foundation quickly and easily. However I am undecided as to its usefulness when it comes to eye makeup. Recently my eye make up remover had run out and I haven’t had time to repurchase so have only had this Micellar water to use, whilst it does get rid of the eye makeup it takes a few goes until I stop looking like a panda!

So far so good in terms of breakouts (fingers crossed)! I have had no issue over the last month and this solution feels great on your skin and isn’t overly perfumed.

I have nearly completely finished the bottle and really need to repurchase another one.

I totally recommend this product. I have never tried Bioderma purely because I can’t get my hands on it but I imagine this is a nice alternative.

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