My Views on M.A.C Clear Brow Set


This was my first EVER M.A.C purchase from Debenhams. com. There are many pro’s and con’s to the brow gel which I will outline below.

PROS – There are many good things about this product. It really does fix my eyebrows in one place all day. I have never filled in my eyebrows so this acts to help define their natural shape. The gel isn’t liquidy and I cannot feel it on my skin after application. It is easy to apply and is almost invisible to the naked eye. As someone who doesn’t enjoy the process of getting my eyebrows threaded, this product enables me to go an extra couple of days or even a week without having to book the dreaded appointment.

CONS – With most products there are some negative points. I have found in my case as I like to set my eyebrows after foundation application that the gel doesn’t stay clear for long.

Overall, I love this product and would purchase again as it helps for my eyebrows to stay natural looking throughout the day.

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Charlotte x

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