What I Got for Christmas 2013

Sorry for being absent for a while guys. Life has been crazy busy and I just haven’t had time to blog. But I am back and plan to do a lot more posts in the future. Scheduling will be my new best friend.

Wether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday I hope that you had an amazing time with family, friends and lots of food! I know I sure did.

I am super grateful for all the gifts that I received for Christmas this year as well as the time I spent with my loved ones.

So here goes:

photo 1


My brother did good this year. It was the first time he has ever bought the presents himself so I was a bit dubious! He got me New Girl Season 2, The Mentalist Season 5, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor. These are three of my favourite TV shows and he got the exact ones that I didn’t own. I am so looking forward to sitting down and re-watching these.

My auntie got me a box of celebration chocolates along with some money which was super sweet of her.

My parents presents where absolutely lovely. Firstly they bought me and my mum a spa day! I am super excited, I have never been to spa before.

They also bought me Nars Orgasm Blush which I have been wanting for the longest time and it is absolutely gorgeous, i cannot wait to start using it.

photo 2

Next was a Juicebox which I think I saw in one of Fleur de force’s gift guides. I am in love with it. So handy and so portable, my phone always runs out of battery towards the end of work and I am always conscious of it dying whilst I am on the journey home. So I won’t have to worry any more.

More chocolate came in the form of a Galaxy Selection Box. And my final gift which was a real surprise was a super adorable neck massage which looks like a monkey!! Adorable is an understatement.

From one of my friends at Secret Santa I got some festive Hand-warmers and this super cute ornament ( “Friends make your days sparkle” ) which is now hanging on my wall with my photo frames.

photo 3

What did you get for Christmas? I would love to find out, leave a comment down below!

Until next time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x


    • January 1, 2014 / 11:39 am

      It was on my list for the longest time too. The shade is gorgeous and the packaging so pretty.

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