New Years Beauty Resolutions 2014


New Year and New Start. It’s not only my life that’s in need of an overhaul but my beauty habits are in desperate need to. So here goes:


Drink More Water – I used to be really good with my water drinking but the last few months fizzy drinks have been way to tempting and my intake of water has decreased. I know my skin will thank me for this one.

Start a Body Moisturizing Routine – This is the part of the night time routine I usually always skip out because I find it time consuming. I recently purchased some body butters so hope to start moisturizing more regularly.

Stop Biting my nails – This has been a habit of mine for many a year. I usually stop for a while and then Ill start doing it again. This is the year for nice nails. I can feel it.

Try not to wash my hair every single day – I have been told this can be quite bad for my hair so I shall try to cut down.

Get better at applying eyeliner – The one part of my makeup routine I suck at. It is hardly ever in a straight line and will only look remotely good when I put it in the waterline or smudge. Cat-flicks I haven’t even bothered attempting as I know it will be a fail!

Get more piercings – More ear piercings are in need.

Get a tattoo – I really want a heart tattoo on my wrist first off.

What are your beauty resolutions for 2014?

Until next time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x

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