Youtuber Spotlight: Claire Marshall

I watch a heck of a lot of youtube videos – vloggers, beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc and I always love it when people recommend new youtubers to me. I was inspired by this post I wrote a while back about my favourite youtubers (Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, tyleroakley, nikkiphillipi and Brogantatexo). I want to introduce you to some more of my all time favourite youtubers in the hope that you can be inspired by a whole variety of different people.


I have been watching Claire’s videos for what feels like the longest time.  I have so much admiration for Claire and her videos are a joy to watch.

Beauty– I trust in any recommendations that Claire makes and her beauty videos are always some of my favourite. They often inspire me to try out a new look or purchase a new product. And I am super envious of how well she does her eyeliner. Something I cannot seem to master!

Here is Claire’s most recent video showcasing her favourite MAC lipsticks (the editing is incredible)

Fashion – I LOVE Claire’s style. Edgy and sophisticated at the same time. I now have so many new clothing brands I wanna try out. Jeffrey Campbell boots are now something I aspire too! And I also like the way she owns her tattoo’s. It has inspired me to just go for it and not care what other people think about my individual style and if people don’t like tattoo’s then that shouldn’t stop me.

These are two of my favourite videos she has created.

Vlogging – I think these could be some of my favourite heyclaire videos. I really enjoy watching Vlogs asa form of entertainment and as inspiration for things that I myself might like to do in the future. Claire’s independence is definitely something that stands out throughout the vlogs and is something I envisage for myself hopefully some day soon. The amount of driving in her vlogs has also strangely enough encouraged me to pursue with my driving lessons. Oh and now I absolutely need to find somewhere to try Pho!

And here is a mixture of all three elements for you to check out! :

I hope that this will encourage you to go have a look at some more of her videos and subscribe to her channel. Go on you know you want to!

Until next time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x

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