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Each year Winchester showcases the local talent of fashion designers and high-street stores over a week. Winchester Fashion Week ran from 1st – 5th of April this year, and showcases the spring/summer collections of retailers in the district. I was lucky enough to attend the grand finale – the catwalk show. This was my first ever time being in attendance and I was blown away. It was a really fun night out with my best friend and fellow blogger. There was a variety of well know high street brands mixed in with independent off the beaten track boutiques. Some of which I never knew existed.

The clothing was incredible, the models fantastic and the overall production stunning. The show was produced by C-Me Productions who have been producing fashion shows for over 12 years and they didn’t disappoint. The models did a fantastic job to show off the clothes and were such good sports when it came to photographs. I shot all of the below with my Canon 50D and this must have made me look somewhat important because they all looked directly at the camera for me each and every time. The models even instagramed a few behind the scenes photos of themselves during and after the show which gave a real insight into how these things operate and look.

The show was split up into two halves. Included in the first half were:



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The Second Half included:

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This was my first ever fashion show experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This has made my thirst for fashion blogging stronger and I would love to go to a London Fashion Weekend event in the near future ( I can dream can’t I). I might even purchase a few of the items, bank balance permitting!

Until Next Time

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x


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