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It has been a while since I have done a review/product spotlight, but after making this cheeky superdrug purchase a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist. I spend a lot of my spare time watching youtube. I have loved Tanya Burr’s videos for years and was super excited when she announced that she was going to be producing a makeup range.

On the day of their release in Superdrug stores I went to my local and made a few purchases. Everything looked amazing, the colours are fantastic, the packaging unique and the names super cute.



Lipglosses : I purchased three lipglosses ( from left to right: Exotic Island , Heart skipped a beat and just peachy ) I adore these and they are amongst my favourites in my collection. The have super cute packaging with Tanya’s signature logo on the front. The colors are spectacular, with a range of neutrals, baby pinks, reds and purples there really is something for everyone. They leave a super glossy ‘wet’ look to the lips which is perfect to wear both during the day and night. And the smell, OH MY GOD, the smell is amazing – it reminds me of candy floss!! My favourite so far has to be Exotic Island and I have been wearing it most days at work. It provides me with a bold purple lip without going for the full on statement red.

Nail Polishes: I also purchased three nail varnishes ( from left to right: Little Duck, Midnight Sparkles, Peaches and Cream) The packaging is super cute and I like the squareness of the bottles. The logo adds a subtle personalized touch. The finish on the nails is brilliant and they are easy to apply. The colour after two applications is stunning and has converted me to wearing some nude nail polishes for a change. My favourite has to be Midnight Sparkles, the deep purple/black colour with shimmer is perfect for a girls night out.

I am so glad that Tanya brought out this products in stores and not just online because it means that so many more people will be able to enjoy them. The products are good value for money at £6.99 each and I am very pleased and satisfied with the purchases made. The little touches like the names and packaging make them an even more special purchase.

Congratulations Tanya, knew you could do it.

Until Next Time

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte x




    • May 10, 2014 / 5:46 pm

      You definitely should pick some up, they smell gorgeous and are so silky smooth on the lips. Aww thanks hun 🙂

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