Mini Clarins Haul


It has been a while since I have visited my local Clarins counter. My last set of foundations and powders have lasted me well but I recently went in and made a few cheeky purchases. I purchased my Clarins staple Ever Matte Translucent Opale Shine Control Mineral powder. I also went in for my usual Ever Matte Ivory Foundation but they had run out. And the lady behind the counter kindly suggested that I try out an alternative the everlasting foundation which after one application I am loving!

Having made two purchase I got given a tonne of free with purchase products including their AMAZING eye make up remover, One Step Cleanser, Bath Tonic and Exfoliating  body scrub. The MUA also kindly gave me some free samples of other Clarins Skincare products.

I always enjoy visiting the Clarins counter, the products are amazing and something I have grown up around but overall the service is spectacular.


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