Brunette Ambition – Inspirational Lady tells Inspirational Story

5 years ago, I switched on the TV to watch a pilot for a new show about a school singing group. A bunch of misfits and underdogs trying to achieve their best. That was the day Glee was born. A TV show about more than just singing – it’s about friendship, acceptance, ambition, achievements and loyalty. That was the day that I first heard of Lea Michele, the brunette who plays driven and determined Rachel Berry. The show has since become one of my all time favorites offering light hearted relief and singalongs for those days when things just get to much. Michele has since become one of my inspirations – her ambition and drive to be the best you that you can be is really inspiring and her style is beyond amazing. As a musical/Broadway lover her line of work has always intrigued me so when I heard that she was releasing a part memoir-part self-help book I couldn’t help but purchase it. Brunette Ambition is the debut book from Michele and is packed full of brilliant tips and tricks and loads of high quality glossy photos to go along with it.


Michele starts the book with her Childhood, explaining how everything she has been doing since she was a little kid has lead to where she is now. Michele explains her experiences with Glee and on Broadway and it is clear to see just how hardworking this lady is. Alongside these anecdotes and story’s are lots of  insider tips on beauty, fashion and being yourself. One of my favourite sections is STYLE, it explains how Michele found her own person style and how she owns it with tips on how to do the same.


The book is also filled to the brim with insider knowledge from Michele’s personal trainer and nutritionist. Pages with recipes and pictures good enough to make you hungry just looking at them. Tips and tricks for working out when you are super busy and the sort of exercises that Michele does at home are also included and I have tried some of these and they really do work. No wonder she has an amazing figure with all this healthy eating and exercising going on!


This was such a good read and one that you can keep diping in and out of. It has really given me a new perspective on life. Well worth a read, its a really nice coffee table book too!

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