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Welcome back to my blog. I thought I would start of the year by having a bit of a theme for this month of January. Me and some of my fellow bloggers are going to be talking all things health and fitness and happiness.

I am going to kick start the month off by introducing you to my favourite health and fitness youtube channels. These allow you to do high intensity, gym level fitness in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment and money spent.

These are perfect for me, I am always looking for new ways to stay fit without having to spend a fortune. I have tried workouts and recipes from most of these fantastic youtubers and suggest you check them out below if you are interested in kick starting that new years resolution.

Blogilates – Cassey (

Cassey specializes in Pop Pilates which is essentially a more up tempo and energetic version of Pilates. This is perfect to try and tone and sculpt many areas of the body. I find that her arm and ab workouts work the best. She has videos which target each aspect of the body which can be done individually or in a sequence as suggested. There are also a variety of different recipes to try out also.

Here is one of my favourite videos to do:

The Lean Machines – Leon and John (

The Lean Machines consist of best friends Leon and John who are both personal trainers. There youtube channel consists of a variety of different videos including recipes, fitness programs, Q&A’s and fitness videos.

Below is an example of the quick and easy recipe ideas that you can find there.

Carly Rowena (

Carly’s youtube channel consists of a variety of different videos including recipes, beauty videos, skincare videos, Q&A’s and fitness videos for at home or in the gym.

Tone It Up – Karena and Katrina (

Karena and Katrina provide you with a variety of videos including recipe ideas and fitness routines.They often create a mini series for certain holidays or periods of the year.

My fave mini series so far was the love your body series and in particular this kettle bell routine.

These are just a few of the available channels out there but they are a few of my favourites.  What are your favourite youtube fitness channels? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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