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It is the last day of January 2015, I really hope you have been enjoying my healthy lifestyle and exercise posts this past month, I thought I would end on a high and with something a bit different for Charlottelife93.

I would like you all to give a warm welcome to fellow Southampton blogging beauty Karis who was kind enough to contribute this post for you all.

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Take it away Karis:


Hey There,

Every year come January, we all start dusting off our running shoes, and chucking out the mountains of chocolate left over from Christmas… The media, the shops, the TV, it’s all too well known that January is the ‘new me’ month. I mean even my local supermarket has conveniently placed all the gym gear at the front of the store, they are all in on it. The celebs only release fitness DVDs in January, I mean it is forced upon us. When really it should be all year, not just annually come the first of Jan.

I have always tried ‘looking better’, dieting, exercising, cutting carbs, you name it, most of us have probably tried it. I’m now trying to look at it from a health perspective, rather than a vanity one, and it seems to be working.

When you start looking at the food you eat, and what it does to you, it makes the idea of a Dominoes pizza all that less desirable. I’m not saying I will never indulge in one again, but when you read up on what sugar does, and have more of an interest in the nutritional content of what you are eating, it all makes a little more sense. I’ve been reading, James Duigan Clean & Lean, Susan Wilsons ‘I quit Sugar’ and Natasha Corretts ‘Honestly Healthy for Life’ cookbooks, and they not only have some delicious recipes, but some great information in there which makes you rethink a little.

My problem has always been my sweet tooth, I’ll fall off the diet wagon with a sniff of a lemon cheesecake. So now I’m trying out the ‘no added sugar’ way of eating. I’ve swapped the white carbs for the brown carbs, I’m cooking sauces and meals from scratch, and I’m still able to have something sweet. Its all common sense really…eat more nutritiously and feel better for it.

One of my ‘go to’ sites for healthy inspiration is Nicsnutrition where I got this delicious Gingerbread cookie recipe from, and they tasted great even with out the refined sugar.


I would also recommend Clean_Eating_Alice, and Thebodycoach for food inspo on Instagram.

What healthy lifestyle changes are you making?

I hope this post has given you a little healthy eating inspiration!

Lots of love,


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