Best Lifestyle/Beauty Books 2014

2014 was a really good year for Beauty and Lifestyle books with plenty of releases to sink our teeth into. Here are three of my favourite releases of the year (in no particular order of course!).

Lea Michele – Brunette Ambition


As a musical/Broadway lover I was super excited when I heard Lea Michele was releasing a lifestyle book. Her line of work has always intrigued me so when her part memoir-part self-help book was released I couldn’t help but purchase it. Brunette Ambition is the debut book from Michele and is packed full of brilliant tips and tricks and loads of high quality glossy photos to go along with it.

My favourite section is the tips and tricks for working out when you are super busy and the sort of exercises that Michele does at home are also included and I have tried some of these and they really do work. No wonder she has an amazing figure with all this healthy eating and exercising going on!

For a full review click here

Sali Hughes –  Pretty Honest


This is a book that I have only just recently started to delve into as I got if as a Christmas present from my parents. This is a very witty beauty guide which sheds the truth on all the beauty habits we hold.  Unlike the other two picks, it more words than pictures and is essential a bunch of essays on a variety of different beauty topics. It is extremely well written and I have already put into practice some of the advice I have read.

Michelle Phan – Make Up 


This is one of my favourite books by a youtuber of 2014. This book is filled with hints, tips and tricks I have watched Mish’s Videos for years and I was thrilled to hear that she was releasing a book. The book contains an eclectic mix of skincare, beauty, fashion, job and social media advice for the modern day woman.

What are your favourite go to beauty guides? Let me know in the comments below.

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