Shop my Stash: January Empties

FullSizeRenderBeing a blogger it is inevitable that you have a tonne of beauty and skincare bits lying around the house which you have forgotten about or are struggling to use up. This year I am making it my mission to save myself some money by using up the make-up and skincare that I already own before purchasing new stuff.

Each month I will be completing a Empties post letting you know my thoughts on the products I have made my way through the previous month.

Check out below what I have managed to make my way through in the month of January.

Our Moment – One Direction 

Our Moment was released in 2013, I absolutely love the smell of this fragrance it has a hint of grapefruit and is light, feminine and fruity. I loved the bottle that it came in. Due to its small size it only lasted a few months. This is definitely one I will be repurchasing once my perfume collection has decreased. An added bonus is that the bottle is super cute!

Pocket Bac – Bath and Body Works

I don’t have a bad word to say about these two pocket bacs. They are by far my favourite two scents: Vanilla Berry Sorbet and Island Margarita. They are the perfect size for any handbag and smell incredible. Will definitely be picking some more up the next time I am in the States.

Body Shop – Mango Shower Gel 

The Body shop are my go to company for Shower Gels. They do what they say on the bottle, they leave you feeling super clean and smelling amazing! This Mango one smells incredible.

I have also finished a bottle of Original Source shower gel but forgot to photograph, silly blogger! This is the most vibrant and zingy lemon scent. This is a good go to cheap shower gel,  I would prefer a bit of a fancier bottle though.

Johnsons Face Care – Makeup be Gone Refreshing Wipes

Nothing to say about this really. Gentle and do a fabulous job of removing your makeup – even though I know its a naughty cheat. Perfect for after a long night when you just want to go straight to bed.

Clynol Salon Exclusive – Wonder 10 

This is a holy grail item for me. I have always had really knotty and thick hair ever since I was a little kid and it is a nightmare for both me and my hairdresser to brush. One of the ladies at the salon offered this for us to give a try – it was miracle worker. The bush went through first time not problem, no tangle and no fuss. They kindly offered to purchase some for me at a hairdresser shop for me. I haven’t looked back since. This is a staple in my haircare collection.

MBA – Easy Piercing Hygienic Solution Spray

One of those make-life-easier products. At £4.50 a bottle from my local piercer this is an easier way to clean piercings than creating a solution yourself. I am currently 5 months into healing a cartilage piercing and I am currently coming out the other side of a lobe piercing infection and this is a lifesaver. With all the ingredients to clean and protect the piercing areas it is a perfect substitute for the more natural solutions. I also find that this is perfect for cleaning the earrings themselves after every use – leaving them clean and sterile for the next time. The only downfall to this product is that I now have 5 piercings and this doesn’t take very long to run out – usually lasts up to 2-3 months.

These are all the products I have completely used up this last month. What are some of the products from your stash that you have been loving this month? Leave a comment below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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