The Netflix Tag


I am obsessed with Netflix. It is perfect for binge watching your favourite TV show or catching that movie you weren’t desperate to pay out to watch. Alice from created the Netflix Tag and I thought I would give it a go myself.

1. What are you favourite series’ to watch on Netflix?

Orange is the New Black, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars

2. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

I’m currently watching a mixture of Pretty Little Liars and Suits.

 3. If you could have any series, old or new put on Netflix, what would it be? 

The Flash and Arrow. I love re-watching these two.

4. What is your one peeve about Netflix?

It isn’t the easiest to navigate and I often spin myself out by scrolling for ages to find something.

 5. What are your essentials for a perfect night in with Netflix?

Bed, Duvet, TV, Ginger Tea and some chocolates.

6. Recommend one series or film for someone else.

It would definitely be Prison Break. I watched all seasons in quick succession and I am slightly addicted. It really draws you in and keeps you watching episode after episode.

What are your favourite Netflix shows? Let me know in the comments below or  complete the Tag yourself.  

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Charlotte xx

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