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2014/15 was definitely the year of the youtuber/blogger with a variety of the more well known stars producing products and books. Ruth Crilly of ‘A Model Recommends’ brought out a set of dry shampoo’s called Colab.

Batsitse has lead the way in the dry shampoo field for a long time however I think Ruth’s addition to Superdrug is definitely my favorite dry shampoo and the perfect alternative to Batiste.

First off – the smell. Strangely enough this is something I always look for in a dry shampoo. I prefer my tropical fragrances and Rio by Colab is amazing. It smells so good.

I currently own Rio which is an amazing fruity/exotic fragrance and New York an equally fruity scent but slightly more sweet.

Other fragrances include: Paris, Tokyo and  London.

I also really like how each fragrance represents a place that Ruth has worked or travelled to. Fragrances and memories are often mixed together so I thought that was a nice touch.


The shampoo comes in two different sizes – a 200 ml one and a 50 ml one. The 50ml one is the perfect size for you handbag and perfect for use on the go. The 200ml one is perfect for my dressing table and for use at home.


Colab leaves your hair feeling refreshed and less greasy. Perfect for second or even third day hair. The Sheer invisible formula really doesn’t leave you with those horrible white patches we often become accustomed to with dry shampoo’s.

The product is perfect for a refresh and is brilliant at adding volume and bounce to your hair.

I am definitely a Colab convert and at under £4 from Superdrug they are cheap and cheerful!

Check out the BTS shoot video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01XGjH_5AFs

What is your favourite dry shampoo use? What are your thoughts on Ruth’s Dry Shampoo? Let me know in the comments below.

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