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It’s that time of the month again – Empties time! I’ve got a lot more for you this month, so go grab a cuppa and settle down to read my short reviews.

Johnsons Face Care – Makeup be Gone Refreshing Wipe – A reoccur from last month’s empties. I usually go through 1 pack a month.

Body Shop – Frosted Cranberry Shower Gel

I absolutely adore the Body Shop Shower Gel’s. They smell incredible and are so soft on the skin. They do what they say on the bottle, they leave you feeling super clean and smelling amazing! Whilst this Cranberry one isn’t going to be going on a list of my favourites it was a nice Christmassy Alternative!

Clinique Universal Face Primer 

This is one of my go to repurchasing products. This is perfect for all skin types and is a fantastic way to get your makeup to last longer. It works as a fantastic base to close pores and smooth out the skin before adding foundation. I wouldn’t go a day without applying this, even if only going out for a few hours. This product is 100% fragrance free so should be okay in terms of people’s allergies. Already on another bottle as we speak.

Review here

Benefit They’re Real Mascara 

I don’t have a bad word to say about this product. I love this mascara and is the only one I use now. I am tempted to try out the new benefit release but don’t know if I will be swapping to it anytime soon. This mascara perfectly coats the lashes making them more voluminous and dark. Whilst it is quite an expensive mascara at £20 a pop, I think it is worth the money. Again, I am currently already using another one.

Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub

This is a nice little product but not something I will be repurchasing anytime soon. I don’t really get along to well with Body Scrubs not really seeing much effect on my skin. This smells amazing however I will just stick to using my shower gel’s.

Label M Brightening Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a holy grail saviour product. For years both me and my hairdresser have had issues with my extremely knotty hair. After the salon changed it’s products to a different brand we gave this shampoo a go. OMG – this has been a lifesaver. It keeps my highlights brighter for longer and leaves my hair in a smooth manageable state to brush. Worth the purchase.

Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant

Does the job however i don’t think it would last 48hrs like stated. It is quite gentle on the skin also.

These are all the products I have completely used up this last month. What are some of the products from your stash that you have been loving this month? Leave a comment below.

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