The Wanderlust Tag

I am fortunate enough to be reasonably well traveled and I love completing little tags like this. So here goes:


Where have you travelled to and where would you love to visit again?
I’ve been to Italy, Mallorca, Majorca, Ireland, Wales, Holland, France, Prague and Florida to name the ones I can remember. I would love to visit America again. I really got a feel for it whilst we were out their and would love to go to different states.


Where was your first plane to?
My first plane was to the UK from Australia. 24hr flight at the age of 5. Go big or go home as they say!


You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?
Back to America, or to Australia.


Preferred method of travel: planes, train or car?
I prefer car journeys, no annoying public transport people and your not up in the air!


Top three travel items?
Phone, Camera, Magazine


Favourite travel website?
It’s more of a blog but I do love reading Brooke’s posts and photography is superb and makes me slightly envious that I am not travelling around the world, living life out of a suitcase.


Where would you travel to just to eat the food?
Italy. Italy without question – Pizza, Pasta and Gelato what more could a girl want?


Is there a place you would never go again?
Probably Prague purely because I think I have seen everything I have wanted to see.


Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?  You’ve got to be kidding right, I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night!


Do you prefer middle, aisle or window seat?
Always Window.


How do you pass the time on a plane?
LIstening to music or watching a movie.


Now it’s your turn, complete the tag and leave the link below.


 Until Next Time,

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