Winchester Fashion Week : Grand Finale Catwalk Show

Saturday 25th April saw the close of Winchester Fashion Week for 2015 and as always it ended with a spectacular Catwalk show in the Guildhall. 15 brands showcased their latest fashion trends along with the Knitwear students at Winchester Uni. A wide range of companies were represented from high-street stores to niche shops tucked away in the cobbled streets of Winchester.

Taking photos at last year’s event was such a fun experience that I decided to do it again this year. It was good to see some familiar brands and some models from last year.

The fashion fair started us off from 6pm, with a range of brands showcasing their products. We got treated to some lovely samplers from Chococo and Twisted Nose Gin. A raffle in aid of 3 Women and YMCA was also selling raffle tickets for later on in the evening.

The show started promptly at 7pm and the first half included clothes from:

IMG_7581-1 IMG_7583-1 IMG_7598-1 IMG_7607-1 IMG_7612-1 IMG_7628-1 IMG_7645-1 IMG_7647-1 IMG_7655-1 IMG_7660-1 IMG_7669-1 IMG_7670-1 IMG_7673-2 IMG_7681 IMG_7697-1 IMG_7702-1 IMG_7712-1 IMG_7727-1 IMG_7728-1 IMG_7732-1

The second half showcased designs from:

IMG_7750-1 IMG_7756-1 IMG_7760-1 IMG_7768-1 IMG_7769-1 IMG_7780-1 IMG_7788-1 IMG_7799-1 IMG_7808-1 IMG_7813-1 IMG_7816-1 IMG_7827-1  IMG_7837-1 IMG_7841-1 IMG_7843-1 IMG_7852-1 IMG_7853-1 IMG_7861-1  IMG_7871-1 IMG_7881-1 IMG_7884-1 IMG_7888-1 IMG_7895-1 IMG_7900-1 IMG_7903-1 IMG_7909-1 IMG_7914-1 IMG_7917-1 IMG_7923-1 IMG_7934-1 IMG_7947-1 IMG_7949-1 IMG_7969-1 IMG_7977-1 IMG_7978-1 IMG_7987-1 IMG_7991-1 IMG_8010-1 IMG_8018-1 IMG_8021-1 IMG_8026-1 IMG_8029-1 IMG_8032-1 IMG_8038-1 IMG_8040-1 IMG_8052-1 IMG_8060-1

The evening then ended with the raffle being drawn along with the announcement of the Holiday winner. Me and Mum then headed over to the VIP drinks reception that I was kindly invited to and had a cocktail whilst perusing the Hotel Du Vin.

Overall it was a fabulous evening and great opportunity to take photos. (If you use these photos at all please credit)

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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