McQueen: A Tale in Two Halves

” There is no way back for me now. I’m going to take you on journeys you’ve never dreamed were possible ” – Alexander McQueen

The past year has been a prolific year for all things Alexander McQueen. With McQueen the play hitting the St James Theatre in May (headed to the Theatre Royal Haymarket in August) and Savage Beauty Exhibition opening for a limited period at the V&A.

I went to see McQueen: The Play with my lovely friend Shrena in May. The play is like nothing I have seen before. McQueen: The Play was written by James Phillips . Stephen Wight plays the titular role of Lee McQueen and does so spectacularly well. He is on stage for the entirety of the straight through 1.5hr production and was word perfect. Dianna Agron played Dahlia who invaded McQueen’s home in search of a dress. They go on a journey through late night London together exploring the many aspects of McQueen’s life.

Whilst the critics have panned the show I really enjoyed it and was enthralled throughout. I think it is a great watch for people looking into experiencing a dramatic take on McQueen’s life and looking into dreams and illusions. I definitely want to see it again at the Theatre Royal Haymarket to see how it transitions there – interested to hear of an interval being introduced also.  The standout performance was definitely from Wight. He left the audience mesmerised throughout.


Fast forward a few months to July and I was travelling to the V&A with my lovely friend Natasha. The Savage Beauty exhibition is breathtaking. The collections on show are stunning and it is unimaginable the time and effort that it would have taken to design and make each piece.

I was most intrigued to see the collection The Girl Who Lived in The Tree as this was my first introduction to McQueen a few years back and has always been my favourite collection. The classic pairing of red and white is seamless and stunning. In the same room was the collection Widows of Culloden which is a fantastic collection of red tartan classics.

If you have a favourite piece of work from McQueen it is probably stored somewhere in the Museum. The Butterfly headdress is just as dreamy in the flesh and Plato’s Atlantis leaves you in awe of McQueen’s talent as you leave.

Both of these art forms have provided me with a lasting impression and an enthusiasm to find out more about the man behind the work.

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Charlotte xx

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