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Guest Post Alert! The bestest is back and ready to tell you all about her Autumn Goals.

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Enough, from me. I’ll leave Chandler to it!


Long-time no see, right? I promised Charlotte (once upon a time) that I would post more regularly on her blog. Mostly because A. It’s fun and B. Nelly can have a night off from writing a post. For my last post (Ageeeeees ago!) see here: (link)

(Fun fact: have I ever said that Charlotte’s nickname from me is Nelly? It derives from her last name – feel free to steal it if you so desire)

Anyway for this post I was feeling a bit inspired to talk about goals and motivation. It’s nearly Autumn Season and the new season always makes me feel a little nostalgic and feeling like I want a refresh… this kind of thinking made me start dreaming about goals. So allow me to share my thoughts and rambles.

Goals are scary. I don’t know about you but I’m the type of person who both loves and loathes making goals. I love it because it gives me something to aim for, but I loathe it because I get scared of not achieving them. But I think it’s time that I stop being afraid of not making a goal… Because if I’m going to be scared of not chasing after a dream or a chance, then I’m never going to be moving forward in life.

In order to make it less scary though, I’ve decided to break up my goals into seasons. Because the thing is: life changes and plans change. I *could* make a plan for the next year or even the next 5 years… but I don’t feel that’s realistic for me. My lifestyle doesn’t suit those kinds of plans because I’m not that type of person. That’s not to say that it doesn’t work; but when it comes to making goals and plans, you need to find a system that works for you.

So whichever way you choose to make your goals or chase your dreams, I hope that you do! I hope that they motivate you in the best way but also change in the messiest of ways… Because change is healthy, you know? I’m still learning that though.

I’m going to share my goals for this season with you, in hope that it inspires you!  It’s a small list, but I think that’s perfectly ok:

  • Finish my marketing qualification
  • Start a permanent job and push myself in it to learn new challenges
  • Downsize my wardrobe (more on this later)
  • Keep going to the gym regularly (A goal that I think will be there every season!)
  • Appreciate and laugh about the good things in my life right now
  • Learn to stop being embarrassed about singing in front of my boyfriend (side note: I cant sing. At all! But sing along car journeys are important, so I feel it’s a necessary goal. Hahaha!)

I think having them on this blog (and having Charlotte to remind me) will keep me motivated to reach them. And if I don’t, well at least I gave it my best effort… and there’s always next season too!

So that’s enough rambling from me. Have you got any goals you’d like to reach? Any tips for achieving them? Let us know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop


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