ESPA: A Skincare Experience *

A few weeks ago when I attended the Soton Meetup I was introduced to the lovely products that ESPA has to offer. We also very kindly received the opportunity to go to the ESPA treatment room in Southampton’s John Lewis for a half an hour facial.

I booked myself an appointment for first thing one Saturday morning so that I could then go on to a morning of shopping. I met Jo at the ESPA stand in John Lewis and then she took me to the beauty treatment room.

The treatment room, tucked away in a staff entrance by the shoes, is something that I didn’t even know existed! The room was surprising peaceful considering I was in one of the biggest shopping centres in Southampton!!! I quickly forgot where I was, it was that serene. The treatment room was clean, comfortable and relaxing.

When I first entered the room Jo asked me some questions about my general skin health and got me to fill out a form to ensure allergies were taken care of. I was then asked to smell the cleansers that she would be using – apparently the body indicates which one it needs by making it smell the strongest to you. This was something different that I had never heard of before and it was interesting to hear the logic behind it.

I have had a facial in the past so I kind of knew what to expect next – the taking your shirt off part which people often aren’t expecting! Then the facial began! Jo used two different cleansing products to cleanse the skin before moving on to the Skin Analysis.

Skin Analysis was another thing that I was intrigued to learn about. It is basically shining a blue UV light onto the skin in dimmed lights to show the skin’s condition under the surface. It was fascinating to look at the skin and see what’s really going on under there. It was established that I have dry patches around my eyes and oily patches on my nose. I was amazed to see the amount of freckles on my skin under the light – practically covering my face, when only a small strip appears on my face in normal light!

With this information Jo suggested that I need to start using an eye cream to address the dehydrated skin around my eyes and to exfoliate once a week to ensure the oily patches on my nose improve.

She then continued with the facial explaining each step as she went, ending in a face mask and head massage. Jo then left me to get ready to head out to the shop floor.

She kindly wrote down all the products that she had used in the facial so that I could purchase them at a later date, along with a few samples that she thought were most beneficial and badly needed right away.

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing experience and learnt a great deal about my skin which will definitely make me stick to my newly started skincare routine, and make me buy an eye cream. I will definitely be heading back to the treatment room for another facial soon – maybe for my birthday?? What better time to treat yourself hey!

Have you tried any of ESPA’s products or had an ESPA facial? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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