Last week, the lovely Lexie from lifelovelexie was nice enough to tag me in the#SelfLoveChallenge13 Tag that has been doing the rounds recently. I really like the concept of this tag – sharing thirteen things you love about yourself, without feeling embarrassed or being told you are “full of yourself”. I don’t take enough time out to really appreciate the things about myself that I love.


So here goes:

  1. Eyebrows On Fleek – A really cheesy saying I know but I really like my eyebrows. As a teenager I had quite thick eyebrows and people used to take the mick because I never plucked them. Well more fool them because I actually think my hesitation to pluck has meant that I achieved the eyebrows I have now which I don’t even have to fill in!.
  2. Self Taught “Beauty Guru” I really like the fact that in the last couple of years I have gone from wearing absolutely no makeup at all, to being able to pull off a full face of the stuff!
  3. All By MySelf, I Wanna Be All By Myself – I love my own company and spend many a day by myself in bed watching Netflix feeling quite content!
  4. Charlotte The Compassionate – I think, and my friends have told me, that I go the extra mile for people when they are down or going though hard times and I always try my hardest to help people out. I’m people’s go to girl!
  5. Loyal To The Bitter End – I like to pride myself on the fact that I am a very loyal person to my friends. I don’t go round spreading people’s secrets and stick with people through thick and thin.
  6. Unashamed To Be Me And Opposites Attract – I have many a hobby/interest including this blog and my love of theatre that people either don’t partake in or just don’t understand but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying these things that make me, me. I always thought I should surpress my love of certain things for fear of being ridiculed or not fitting in but I’ve discovered that opposites and differences are a good thing and you can still find common ground with people.
  7. Careoke I love how carefree and fun it is to drive around by myself or with my best friend belting out a tune or two. Who needs a karaoke machine when you can belt out a duet in the car hey!
  8. Amateur Fashion Photographer – I really like how easily I have taken to this whole catwalk photography thing. I have taken photos at the last two Winchester Fashion Week’s and have had my photos in the paper along with featuring in the models portfolios after requests from them! It’s something I would really like to pursue in the future as a little side project!
  9. Straight Not Narrow – I have always been a supporter of LGBTQ rights ever since I was a teenager and is something I feel passionately about. I always think that just because something doesn’t affect you directly doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. I’m quite vocal about it over on my tumblr and in real life.
  10. Strength – Now this is one that took me a while to come up with as it’s not something that I would typically use to describe me. However I have had quite a few hardships in my life which I have successful come out of the other-side of happier and healthier and I think it shows my determination to succeed and to improve.
  11. I’m A Dress And Converse Kinda Girl – My colleagues at work find it a unique and “edgy” combination but I like comfortable clothing that won’t hurt my feet and will give me enough “eating” room! Priorities!
  12. Eyes – I love how blue my eyes are and how make-up really makes them stand out. Plain and Simple!
  13. Confident Chick Since I started my first full time job  my confidence has sky rocketed. I’m putting myself out there and doing the things that I have been too afraid to even think about.

WOW! It was actually quite difficult for me to come up with thirteen things but here are who I tag to take the challenge next:

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Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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