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Look at that, it’s another blog post! This has to be a world record in “Chandler Land” because I have a habit of letting time get away from me, BUT THIS TIME I managed to sit down and get writing. Huge respect to Charlotte and all of you bloggers who do this every week by the way – you are all shining stars in my book!

Anyway, recently I’ve been picking up and watching all sorts of bits and bobs on Netflix. I’m a big series watcher, so I thought it might be nice to share some of my favourite series with you all, the ones that you can watch over and over with your best friends!. 🙂 Because this could turn out to be seriously long, I’m breaking it up into a couple of posts.

So here’s a list of my top (2/5):

Pretty Little Liars

You have GOT to be hiding under a rock if you haven’t heard of this by now. Based on a book series ; a friendship between 5 girls slowly falls apart when the ‘leader’ of the group (Alison) goes missing during a sleepover. The series begin a year later, when the remaining 4 girls, estranged from their previous friendship, are brought back together when they start receiving texts revealing secrets that only Alison could know. After Alison is discovered to have been buried for the year, the girls realise that someone else is sending them the texts – and their lives change forever!

I originally watched the first season with my best friend on a holiday about 2 years ago – a bit late to the game! But we spent almost the entire holiday watching it and desperately tried to find the next few seasons online or on a DVD that wasn’t over £50 (EACH!) In the end, we gave up. And for me, it wasn’t until the beauty of Netflix (and a night of babysitting) that I discovered it again.

‘PLL’ is addicting – that’s the best way to describe it. Trying to keep track of who’s who and continuously trying to guess the mysterious ‘A’ kept me on my toes throughout the entire series. It’s not all about mystery though – the girls have to carry on their normal lives, filled with secrets, relationships and family issues. Also a special mention for the fashion of these girls – they have serious style!

I’d recommend this show in a heartbeat! Stick with it for a couple of episodes and you’ll never want to leave.

Once Upon a time

I properly discovered ‘Once Upon a Time’ through Tumblr. I first heard of it during a rehearsal for a show from one of the younger girl’s mum. She mentioned this show about “fairy tale people who are cursed to live in our world, with no memory of their previous lives” and to be honest, I was put off by it. I expected it to be a TV version of “Enchanted”, meant for younger children. Then a year and a half later, everyone was raving about it online, so I ordered the first 2 seasons (they were filming season 3 by this point) and gave it a go.

I was so wrong about my first misconceptions. ‘OUAT’ (another ABC show) consists of episodes that switch between ‘current life’ and ‘flashbacks’ of the characters. Bitter and upset with the way her life had turned out, the Evil Queen obtains a curse from Rumplestiltskin (yeah, stick with me here) to rob her stepdaughter (Snow White) and the kingdom of their memories, and transport them to Maine to live in the real world. They live in a world in an unchanging state, with Regina (The Evil Queen) finally able to ‘rule’ as mayor. The only person able to break the curse is Emma, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who was saved by being sent to ‘our world’ before the curse hit…

It sounds a little weird but trust me on this one – this was nothing like I expected! This is no ‘Disney-fied, wishy washy, talking animals and songs’ type series. Each episode shows you the characters previous lives, including Snow White living as a bandit, and then contrasts it with their current life in the real world. In the meantime, Emma’s son tries to convince her of the story and the curse; hoping that she will be able to break it before Regina can stop her.  Each season has major character developments and the ultimate character ships! There are a whole range of brilliant characters and you will be heartbroken for them, mad at them and happy for them – mostly all at the same time.

Again, it’s one of those series where you have to watch a couple of episodes to get your heard around how it works but once you’re in, you’ll never get out. Conveniently, all the seasons are now on Netflix! The storyline of the curse isn’t dragged out as long as you’d think, as each season brings a new challenge… Definitely worth a watch!

Charlotte is posting the rest of my top 5 next month.

Is your favourite TV show on here so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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