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Oh it’s me again. That random guest poster who pops up every now and then 😉

I’m continuing with my favourite series list today– below are my other 3 mentions of my top 5.

One Tree Hill

Ahh, ‘One Tree Hill’. I spent an ENTIRE summer dedicated to watching ‘One Tree Hill’ when I was in college. Memorable days and I’d do it all over again in a heatbeat!

Unlike the first two series above, ‘OTH’ is easy watching. It’s a drama series, following the lives of two half-brothers who are basically like sworn enemies. Born in the same year, Nathan has lived a life of privilege with his mum and dad, whereas Lucas was brought up by his single mother and his uncle – his father not originally wanting much to do with him. When it turns out that Lucas is talented at Basketball, he ends up on his High Schools team… Where Nathan is known as the star basketball player.

The first 4 seasons follow the lives of the boys and their friends, and documents how their relationship evolves in caring brothers. It’s full of high school drama, although not always in the way you’d expect! The group graduate at the end of the 4th season, and are brought back in a time jump (4 years later) for the next season, where their lives continue with adult problems.

I always end up feeling ridiculously happy when I watch these seasons – there are so many fun parts to contrast any sad, and it’s very relatable as a “coming of age” type show.  Also, they’re all good looking in this show. Which I’m not complaining about – just makes it another reason to watch 😉

Watch this series on lazy days or rainy days – or any day really! I just like it lot.


Ok, if you haven’t seen ‘Friends’ then I don’t even know what to say to you. Just stand in a corner and think about what you did. ‘Friends’ is like the ultimate sitcom!

I’m pretty sure you guys don’t need a synopsis but I’m going ahead anyway: ‘Friends’ follows the lives of a group of 6 friends, living in New York and regularly go to the same coffee shop in every episode. (Really though, is there ever ONE episode without Central Perk? Haha!) Each episode is centred around these 6 friends’ lives; including job changes and relationships.

I can’t explain much further because A. I probably don’t need to, and B. It would take forever. But ‘Friends’ is one of those shows that I could genuinely watch forever! Nothing on tv? Watch ‘Friends’. Sleepover with the girls? Watch ‘Friends’. Doing yoga in your living room? Absolutely watch ‘Friends’.

Also, the amount of quotes that I use from this show is unbelievable. And nearly everyone gets what you mean… Seriously though, you can’t fault ‘Friends’! 😉

Gilmore Girls

I struggled to choose the final of my top 5. I went back and forth between 2 completely different shows but I chose this one in honour of one of my best friends – who introduced me to it and would probably crucify me if I didn’t mention it. So although I haven’t finished watching this entire series, I can still recommend it. 🙂

‘Gilmore Girls’ is another American show (I just realised that I haven’t chosen a British show for this list… Maybe I ought to make another one for “Top 5 British shows” or something?) But anyone, ‘Gilmore Girls’ is a comedy series about a single mum, Lorelei and her daughter Rory. The show begins when 16 year old Rory (with dreams to go to an Ivy League school) is accepted into Chilton Preparatory School. Lorelei, unable to afford it, is forced to turn to her wealthy parents for help; who strike up an agreement to loan them the money as long as Lorelei and Rory go to dinner with them every Friday night.

The show follows Lorelei and Rory in their small town. Like ‘One Tree Hill’, there are storylines involving career changes, relationship changes and life changes. The thing that stands out for me in this entire show is Lorelei and Rory’s relationship – they are a pair of fast talking, witty, and funny pair of coffee-addicts and the way they interact with each other is just fantastic! It seems more like they are best friends at times, which is lovely to watch,

‘Funny’ and ‘heart-warming’ is the best way to describe ‘Gilmore Girls’. Another one which is easy to watch (and one to make you consider naming your future daughter ‘Lorelei’, seriously!)

So that’s it, that’s my list of shows that I love watching. Next on my list is to watch ‘Prison Break’!

Have you got some series that you would recommend? We’d love to hear about it!

Until Next Time,

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Chandler and Charlotte xx

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