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A post on a Thursday, whatever is Charlotte thinking. I have made an exception to the rule today. My best friend/work BFF Chandler is leaving work today and I thought we could do the Best Friend TAG to honour this occasion! So without further ado here goes!

  1. How and when did you meet?

CD: We met on my first day of work. I was pitifully quiet (Not at all what I’m like normally) but during my first week Nelly taught me everything I needed to know about the organisation. And I gave her a nickname after only knowing her for a few days… That was when I knew she’d accept my offer of friendship! 😉

CN: We met when Chandler started at my office. She was pretty quiet (something I quickly learned not to be the case) and I was actually impressed with how quickly we got on. I mean within a week we had nicknames for each other and Bing was wishing me happy birthday over twitter with a selfie.

CD: I’m just going to point out that YOU took the selfie with me, so it was a mutual, creepy fast friendship!

  1. What were your first impressions of your friend?

CD: I thought Nelly was quiet but friendly. And I wasn’t sure if she liked me at first, but I soon won her over with my charm and wit. Obviously! (input cheesy emoji’s here)

CN: On her first day she was pretty quiet as are all newbies but I think my first impression was probably different to other colleagues because we got on like a house on fire from the very beginning.

  1. What is your favourite memory together?

CD: We have so many laughs and funny memories – most of them at work. We gossip a lot! But my favourite has to be when we went to Brighton this summer for a weekend. We stayed in a really cool boutique hotel but we found out that it was a little alternative… Lovely place and all that, but it caused a few laughs during our stay there.

CN: We have had a lot of laughs and good memories over the past two years but I think our two weekends away would have to be my favourite memories. We have visited Cardiff and Brighton together and it is always such a laugh, filled with shopping, eating and drinking (the drinking mostly on Chandler’s Part)

CD: Ah yes, the famous Cardiff cocktails. We went to Las Iguana’s for dinner one evening and failed to realise that cocktails were 2 for 1… So we ordered one each and out came four. Three of which were drunk by me… Oops!

  1. One thing you love about the other person?

CD: Her thoughtfulness and how she doesn’t judge you for who you are. (Yes I put two in there… So sue me.)

CN: She is compassionate, gives you an honest opinion whist still ultimately letting you make the decision and deals with my panic attacks – enough said?

  1. What’s the worst argument you’ve had and how did you solve it?

CD: I can’t actually think of an argument… I think the worst thing that comes to mind is when Charlotte can’t decide where she wants to eat for lunch, hahaha!

CN: Argument? What Argument? I literally don’t think we have ever argued! We’ve had a few disagreements but nothing serious!

CD: I disagree with this statement! 😉

CN: Don’t you start…..

  1. What’s it like being friends with someone who has a blog?

CD: Helpful. I always get great advice on good products to use and places to go! And sometimes I get free goodies when Charlotte has more than one thing, so that’s a bonus!! It’s also kind of funny when she blogs about something we’ve done and photos are shown on the blog – I forget she does it until I read it and see my face pop up.

CN: I’m the blogger of the friendship but as many of you have witness, Chandler guest posts for me every so often. I think this question for me is more about how she handles being friends with a blogger. Even though she doesn’t do it, she just ‘gets it’ and is super supportive and always wants to hear about products and events that I go to.

  1. What song reminds you of the other person?

CD: Anything by One Direction which is hilarious because it’s not like Charlotte fangirls over them or anything, but it makes me think of her anyway!

CN: Anything Taylor Swift – Particularly Shake It Off.  Now, I may not fangirl over 1D but the same cannot be said for Chandler’s Taylor Swift Obsession!

CD: I’m sorry but you just called them 1D… If that’s not part of a fangirl status then I don’t know what is. Changed my mind – you’re a closet One Direction fangirl!!

CN: Say’s the girl who wants to get a Sazuki SWIFT!!

CD: ….Ok, fair enough.

  1. Who’s the biggest diva?

CD: I’m tempted to say me… And I have a feeling Charlotte would agree. But I argue that it depends on what it is 😉 (Also my last name gets misspelled as Diva… So go figure.)

CN: Bing! I’m sorry but there is no other answer to this question! I wouldn’t particularly say either of us are Diva’s but she could out diva me any day of the week!

  1. Who’s more likely to go bankrupt first?

CD: Oh, that’s definitely me. Nelly is very good at keeping track of her money and Bing is very good at NOT keeping track of her money.

CN: I wouldn’t be so sure, I am reckless when it comes to my makeup obsession. If anyone was going to go bankrupt over makeup it would be me. Other than that I do think I keep a pretty good handle on my money!

CD: Mind you, we eat lunch out way too frequently so if we went bankrupt then it would probably be due to that…

  1. Would you trust the other person with your finances?

CD: Yes. Please see above for why.

CN: Ummm, two things. One she is an enabler when we go shopping so she may as well be holding the credit card! But, she has me down as “bleeding me dry” on her bank account, so who knows.

CD: If Nelly goes make up shopping then I SHOULD be holding the credit card… Just to stop the collection growing!

CN: Thinking about it, If I gave you my credit card… we’d end up with a puppy!!

CD: Yes but how is this a bad thing?

  1. If you were stranded on an island with her, what are the 3 things she wouldn’t forget to bring?

CD: Her phone, makeup/face clearing stuff and probably a first aid kit. With bug spray and hand sanitiser a priority.

CN: PUPPY and Puppy food; chocolate and a camera for all those beach selfies.

CD: Can’t I have three puppies?

CN: No, just no!

  1. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?

CD: I’d pick a city in Europe, like Barcelona. City breaks are the way forward with us two!

CN: Same, I think we would suit Barcelona or Rome. We do like a good old city break.

  1. What’s the other person’s eye colour? Don’t cheat!

CD: Blue. Is there a way of describing that in a nicer way? Probably but I’m not going to. They’re a nice blue though, so there we are.

CN: It took me a minute of switching between Brown and Hazel, but they are defo brown. Right?

CD: She means to say: “Chandler’s enchanting eyes are a delicious shade of rich, chocolaty brown with flecks of jade green, inviting you to marvel over their beauty.”

CN: They’re just eyes Chandler! Brown, the answers Brown!

  1. Share a favourite photo of the two of you.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Chandler and Charlotte xxx

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