STRESS: Leave the phone behind!

Last week, I went on a Spa day to Chilworth Manor with my Mum. We had a thoroughly good time and felt super relaxed. Instead of doing another review (here) I thought that I would do something a bit different for today’s post and talk about Digital Detoxing.

A recent report has stated that a lot of us would rather go without food than leave the phone behind, now anyone who knows me will know that I am permanently glued to my mobile phone but I like food more! I am constantly checking Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube sometimes hourly.

I have been on two spa days this year and both have been the only days out of the year when I haven’t had my phone on me. 9-5 with no phone! Shocker right, but it was glorious! It has made me realise how instantaneous everything has become and how we all feel like we need to know everything as soon as it happens. A day without my phone might not sound like much, but it really did relieve me of a lot of stress and I could just concentrate on relaxing. Other benefits of keeping the electronics at bay is better mental health and better productivity. Doing all your social media at one time rather than doing it as and when will save time.

Here are my 5 top tips to slowing introducing digital free time into your life.

  1. Put the phone away, turn the phone off! – Even if it’s just for an hour or so whilst you watch telly. I really need to start focusing on being in the moment a little bit more. Something I know we are all guilty of is having the phone out at social occasions like a coffee or lunch date. Phone on the table waiting for it to light up with the latest bit of news, gossip or sniff of a new product launch.
  2. Leave the phone behind! – As a person with Anxiety this is a hard one to do because I like to know I can always contact my family and road side assistance etc. however, if like on my spa day I am with my Mum all day and she has her phone (which she hardly uses!) I have started to leave mine at home. It feels very strange for the first few hours but you get used to it very quickly!
  3. Turn your phone onto do not disturb. – I do this all the time now and it is a lifesaver. If I really want to get some work done uninterrupted, sleep through the night or just pay attention to the TV I will turn my onto do not disturb. I have set it up so that my family and two best friends  phone calls will always come through no matter what the setting.
  4. Mute group chats and turn off notifications – Group chats can often feel overwhelming and I often struggle to keep up sometimes. I have started to recently mute group chats for a little while so that I can catch up when I have time to concentrate on what is going on. I have notifications for near on everything and this is one I will have to get better at. Notifications are all about being instantaneous. I check an email pretty much as soon as it comes in and reply to that Instagram/Twitter comment in seconds.
  5. Schedule Tweets and Blog posts – This is my favourite one to do. It means that you can spend a good chunk of time focusing on all the social media in your life so you’re not sat around thinking about what promotional tweet to send out as and when.

Have you ever done a digital detox? Was it beneficial? What ways do you use to cut down your time online? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xxx

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