YouTube Best Bits 2015

Way back in 2013 when I first started blogging I created a post about my favourite youtubers of all time, so I thought I’d do an updated version for 2015 and include all of my favourites new and old. Go hit the subscribe button on all these gems, you definetly wont regret it.

Brogantatexo – Brogan

I have been watching Brogan’s videos for about 2 years and since my last post I have had the pleasure of meeting Brogan on multiple occasions. Brogan does a variety of different videos but I have to admit that her weekly vlogs are my faves! She is down to earth, honest and relatable! What more could you want from a youtuber? I also find her videos really inspirational as it is so refreshing to see someone achieving so much.

Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles 

I discovered this duo through a friend on facebook sharing their inspirational videos and they really struck a cord with me. Their videos are all about personal development and self improvement and really got me thinking about ways to improve my life and got me thinking about ways to reduce the negativity in my life that serves no purpose. The videos are visually stunning and set in a variety of epic locations. If you’re needing to overhaul some things in your life in 2016, these videos might be a good place to start. Love the positive message these guys send out!

SuperlativelyWonderful  – Megs and Laura

This was another top find this year – a collab series by Megs from WonderfulYou and Laura from SuperlativelyLJ .  Its often light-hearted but informative at the same time and there has been a range of life topics. These two ladies are super relatable and are like the friends you always wish you had, its almost like you’ve got the girls over for a chat. From Falling In Love to Women supporting each other, they’ve got all the bases covered and discussions to suit everyone.

InTheFrow – Victoria 

Not only is Victoria absolutely stunning, she creates visually appealing content covering a variety of different aspects of life. I am currently enjoying watching Frowmas – her daily vlogging series but her Fashion and Travel videos are also some of my favourites. Victoria is lucky enough to visit some phenomenal locations such as New York, Maldives and Ibiza.

Carly Rowena 

A fitness youtuber and Personal Trainer (wish she was mine tbh), Carly is my go to for all things fitness. As someone who struggles with fitness motivation I find that her bright and bubbly personality is infectious and the different and exciting suggestions that she gives for food and workouts make me more motivated and willing to try! I also really enjoying watching Carly’s travel vlogs as I have seen some splendid locations through her lens.

ExtraSunbeamsJess – Jess 

Every year I look forward to Jess’s Vlogmas and this year didn’t disappoint. She is so relatable and I love being nosey and seeing what people get up to in their daily lives. I also gives me a window into the uni life that I never experienced and gain a better understanding of the system, having never been myself. Her family traditions also always get me in a super festive mood, you know Chistmas has arrived when Jess starts to vlog!

Well, those are my YouTube best bits of the year, who are your favourite new finds and some of your old favourites? Let me know in the comments below

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx


  1. December 30, 2015 / 6:06 pm

    Youtube is an addiction for me! I am always on the hunt for more awesome youtubers. I am currently looking for small youtubers to follow since I just started a channel as well and I think it would be so much fun to see others start out at around the same time and see where our channels go.

    • January 10, 2016 / 4:07 pm

      I watch WAY too much Youtube and my subscription box is always full. However I don’t have the confidence to do it for myself.

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