SINGLE GIRLS GUIDE: 5 things this single girl doesn’t want to hear

Now it is no secret that I have been single my entire existence, so I’ve heard every phrase and question going, had the awkward family parties and office gossip directed my way. These are just a few of my favourites I’ve heard over the years.

  1. You need to stop being so picky – I admit, I used to scroll through tinder and never select anyone for a match but I’ve always been the mindset that I have been single for this long that I wouldn’t break that for just any random dude. Just because two people are single doesn’t necessarily make them compatible.
  2. You and so-and-so should be a couple – I know people have the best intentions and good friends like to comment on your love life (or lack thereof) but just because people look like they could be a couple doesn’t mean they should be. Girls and guys CAN be friends and all that!
  3. You should get a hobby – This is some people’s favourite, granted I’m never going to find Mr Right sat in bed watching Netflix but I am just as unlikely to find him by joining a car mechanics workshop or wherever else is suggested that “guys must hang out”
  4. How Many? – This goes back to the whole boys and girls can’t be friends scenario. Yes, some girls and guys find it hard to be just friends and others don’t. An ex-friend of mine, saw photos of my male friends and asked me how many I had been with. For years I never had any guy friends, so this is a new one on me but apparently some people assume that its almost a right of passage. Not in my world, love.
  5. You are too pretty to be single. What’s wrong with you? – Now this has only been said to me twice and it makes me cringe every time. People assume that because you’re well put together and made up that by rights you SHOULD have a SO.  Thus assuming there must be be something fundamentally wrong with you if you don’t have a bf.

Are you single? What are the things you are sick of hearing? Let me know in the comments below

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