3 Years of Makeup – My Road to Beauty

3 years ago this week I wore a full face of makeup for the first time! WHAAAAATTT! I hear you cry! That’s right, this beauty blogger has only been wearing makeup for three years. The first week of February in 2013 marked the start of my makeup journey as I had a makeup lesson from Clarins ; a christmas present from my parents.

Basically my whole life, makeup wasn’t readily available around the house; the ladies in my family used a bit of lippy and perfume at the most.  During my teenage years I rarely wore any makeup unless I went out to a party. Nude lipsticks and subtle Mascara were my go to. I started venturing out into the world of eye-shadows. Big Mistake. Bright Pink and blue sparkly eye shadows were  for some reason the direction I decided to branch out into, goodness knows why. I cringe every time I look at old photo’s.

Years of not being allowed makeup (which I am grateful for now) made me determined to change. My friends from work where the first people in a long time who didn’t comment on the way I looked, didn’t care about that and have told me that I looked good with or without my makeup. This made it feel like the right time to make the change as it was purely for me.

So when I started working in 2013, I  decided that I wanted to start spending some of my hard earned cash on makeup and learning how to do it properly. My mother has always been a fan of the brand Clarins so that was where we decided to get my makeup lesson done.

Apart from mascara and a nude lip I had never worn anything else, especially not foundation!  I was a bit dubious at first as to what to expect when I looked in the mirror because I had never worn any makeup which covered my whole face. The lesson was great and I got given step by step instructions of what went where and what colours were suitable for my skin tone. I was really happy with the way I looked at the end of the lesson and came away with lots of useful hints and tips.

So that day I bought most of the products that she used on me; as apart from what I was shown I had no idea where else to start. And I still use some of these to this day, I haven’t strayed from my everlasting foundation or translucent powder in that whole time. I gradually started implementing them into my day to day life, so it was a gradual change, until I was using them all. People started commenting on how I looked “good different” and my confidence changed from there!

Since then I have expanded my knowledge and my product base dramatically! To many makeup seems trivial, but I mean who knew something that I have spent so little of my life doing would turn out to be such an amazing hobby! It lead to the direction of this blog, the opportunities I get and the friends I have made. I’m not afraid to try new looks, new brands and I have fun with it! I love playing around with makeup, purchasing new products and trying out the new trends.


Makeup free days are not a thing of the past and still happen frequently ; mostly on weekends. But even then I am trying out the latest skincare craze; I tell you i’m obsessed!

Makeup has gone from having no impact on my life whatsoever to being an integral part of every day life. I love the creativity, free reign and community that makeup brings to my life. I feel more me when I have ‘my face on’ and feel like I can conquer anything!

When did you start wearing makeup and what has changed? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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