SINGLE GIRLS GUIDE – How to Survive Valentines Day

IMG_3392February 14th.

14th of February.

Saint Valentines day.

No matter how many ways you try and phrase it, Valentines Day is marketed towards romantic couples; often leaving single people out of the loop. For many of my teenage years, I would awkwardly navigate my way through weekday valentines at school hoping no one would bring up the topic or rejoicing on weekend Valentines where I could hole myself up in the house and have no human interaction wth any mushy behaviour!

Being in my 22nd year of singledom, I feel less apprehensive about the most romantic day of the year than ever before. Here are my favourite things to do on valentines to take care of numero uno.

  1. Netflix and Chill – Literally just Chill. Put on your favourite TV show, watch film or start a new series to binge watch. Whatever takes your fancy just get lost in it for an hour or maybe 5! Last year I was watching Prison Break!
  2. Spread the love – Valentines day doesn’t have to be all about couple-y love. Why not send a message to your best friend telling them how much they mean to you, sending a family member a card or even just tweeting positive vibes to your faves.
  3. Buy yourself a gift – There is nothing like retail therapy to get you in a good mood. So whilst others are getting gifts from their BF why not go out and buy yourself that eyeshadow palette you’ve been wanting for ages!
  4. Pamper Yourself -This is my favourite thing to do, chuck on some calming music, run a lush bath and pop on a facemask. You’ll feel refreshed and pampered.
  5. EAT – There’s no one to share the food with so you’ll just have to eat it all to yourself! My mum bless her bought me a heart shaped mini cheesecake to eat last year and it was delicious!

What will you be getting up to on Sunday? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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