#LushValentines – Southampton Event

On Friday, me and a bunch of my beautiful blogger friends headed to Lush Southampton to try out some of the new products for Valentines day. This was my first ever Lush event and I was super stoked to be invited along!

After a quick stop of at Mettricks to refuel with cake and coffee (their gluten free brownies are so good!) we entered Lush where we were greeted and introduced to the lovely staff and were told what our night would entail – demo’s, experiments and shopping!

Before the evening kicked off, we were all quick to dump our bags and go around taking lots of snaps! What’s a blogger event without cameras and phones, right?

IMG_0354 IMG_0361
First off,  we were first treated to some demos of the new Valentines Day bath bombs and bubble bars – Unicorn Horn in particular caught my eye because of its stand out colours. I thought it would be really good for me as it has a subtle lavender scent which is meant to relax and calm. I love seeing how the bath products actually look and smell in the water, as it gives you a really good indication of whether its your cup of tea.


Photo Jess (http://www.thelifeofjks.co.uk)

IMG_0366 IMG_0368 IMG_0365 IMG_0356

We were then treated to another demo, this time Lucy showed us how the Cupcake Face Masks are made. Its absolutely fascinating seeing how a product is put together and seeing what each of the scents are like individually. Cupcake face mask is made with Rhassoul Mud and Cocoa Powder along with various essences which cleanse and clarify.

IMG_0372 IMG_0377

Primed and ready to take photos we all got as close as we could to take some action shots. Now an event wouldn’t be the same without a clumsy Charlotte moment. A collective gasp as I try to juggle my camera and phone with the latter nearly falling on the floor!


After the mask was complete, Lush were kind enough to give us a sample to take home and try. Next on the agenda was eating, drinking and mingling. They put on a spread of fruit drinks, popcorn and fruits for us to munch on while we all chatted blog and caught up.

The final activity of the evening was getting to play around with the emotional brilliance wheel. The ladies span the wheel and picked three colours that stood out to them the most. Each colour had a corresponding word which was supposed to represent the way that person is feeling or something  they wish to channel more of. Each colour then had a lipstick, cream shadow or eyeliner underneath, but all could be used in a variety of different ways.  It was a great way to try out some colours that you wouldn’t normally think of. My favourite shades were Confident and Believe – rather appt really as I often lack both these things.

IMG_0386 IMG_0388

As the evening came to an end, we were of course let loose to do a bit of shopping. I picked up quite a few bits for me and my best friend and was kindly gifted some pieces from the new range by the lovely ladies at Lush which I cannot wait to try out. A haul will be going live Wednesday, so pop back then to check out what I purchased.

Thanks ever so to the lovely ladies at Lush Southampton for having us along, it was beauty blogger heaven. I am never going to get used to being let loose in stores after hours but I love it just the same!

What are your favourite Lush products to purchase?

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx


  1. February 15, 2016 / 7:31 pm

    This looks like a really good day to be invited to, I’ve been to the Lush in Southampton and loved it! From your featured image I thought it was a bright pink cocktail being made haha I didn’t guess Lush at all despite your post title (duh). I bought the Unicorn horn about 3 weeks ago but I’m doing that stupid thing of not wanting to use it because I don’t want it to ruin haha. Great post, I have major Lush envy!


    • February 28, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Thanks for the kind words Kaiesha 🙂 The bath products are just so pretty you almost want to keep them forever! x

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