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I’m 100% behind the times on this one I know, but aren’t tangle teezers just brill! I have always struggled with knotty hair for as long as I can remember and never in a million years thought that a tangle teaser would be any good for me, but I was proved wrong.

I am trying, succeeding and failing in places, to save money this year so I will be trialing and using a lot of products that I have forgotten about or hoarded but never tried before. I bought my tangle teezer  almost a year ago and it has lied dormant on the side of my dresser, never to be touched! Granted I carried it around aimlessly in my handbag for awhile before it found permanent residence on my shelf, not a hair insight.

The other day when I decide to experiment with hairstyles I decide to give it a try, I’ve paid for it after all. Since then I haven’t looked back and have used it every day since.


The brush is made of lightweight plastic making it perfect for travelling and the shape is ergonomically designed as an easy hold. I purchased mine in this bright pink colour so I would never loose it – forever doing that with other things.

The brush itself has two sizes of bristles on the brush which make it easier to glide through your hair as it is getting at the hair from all angles, it detangles and smooths my hair like a dream and leaves it knot free for hours. My hair feels lighter and more presentable after brushing.


I have teamed this up with my Colab Dry Shampoos as the perfect way to combat second/third day hair!

Do you love the tangle teezer range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. February 21, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    I’ve just come across this post about 10 minutes after I’ve used a tangle teezer to get white hairspray out of my hair after a fancy dress night! It is such an amazing product and I can’t believe we lived without them for so long! It manages to get out the toughest knots without any pain! xxx

    • February 28, 2016 / 10:34 am

      I know I am so annoyed that I didn’t start using it as soon as I bought it years ago! One of the best inventions ever! x

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