Saving for Moving Out – Tips and Tricks

Anyone who knows me knows that I keep harping on about moving out of the family home at some point in the next few years. Moving out is a super expensive business especially if you are not making a conscious effort to save! Up until a few weeks ago I will admit that I was okay at saving but I have been trailing the internet for videos and tips to put into practice along with a few of my own.

I thought I would share some of the saving ideas that I am employing to help make the dream a reality sooner!

  1. Cut down those bills– This is something that I have done with quite a few things. If possible halving necessary bills to the smallest packages or one which is better value for money. Whether this be Netflix, Phone, Beauty Boxes or the Lottery. I’ve saved about £10 a month here already.
  2. Cancel that subscription – With so much content online now, for me personally getting rid of my magazine subscription was the next step. Magazines have twitter and I’d rather read blog posts. That’s £18 a year saved.
  3. Up your savings – It is always a good idea to take the money you plan on saving out of your checking account as soon as you get paid. It doesn’t feel like ‘Real’ spendable money this way and it is much easier to KEEP it in the savings account when you view it that way. About 20% of your wages is a good place to start if you are serious about saving.
  4. Stop drinking Coca Cola or Oasis – Now this may sound like a silly one but I was spending £1. something on an unhealthy drink every day for lunch. Not only was this bad for my health it was bad for my bank balance. Thats just over £5 a week I have cut out on something totally unnecessary. I now take a huge refillable water bottle to work which I drink from throughout the day which not only clears up my skin but puts penny’s back in my pockets.
  5. Collect coins – I HATE carrying around 5p,2p and 1p coins. The only thing they are good for is dumping in a self serve till. So why not collect them up in a jar, you will have £’s before you know it.
  6. Put money away – At the beginning of March, I am planning to put £1 a week into a jar so that I cannot spend it. If you start on New Years this would give you £52 at the end of the year.
  7. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in 6 months/1 year or even better if you haven’t used it in the first few days of buying it, take it back before the return date finishes – We’ve all been partial to being spendy and then not using the item, if you haven’t used something or worn it within a few days take it back if you don’t think you will use it. If you haven’t done this and have something lying around that hasn’t been used in 1 year you aren’t likely to need it ever again so get rid of it and make way for stuff you need.
  8. Sell – At least twice a year I will do a tidy up and then either eBay things, put stuff on Depop, go to a car boot or send stuff to CEX. Whilst you will get nothing compared to the value you paid for the item it is worth getting a little something for anything you no longer need.
  9. Make a shopping list and stick to it – Too many times I have gone out with a few things in mind and come back with totally different, totally unnecessary purchases. If you write a list and plan to stick to it you won’t make any impulse purchases whilst you are out.
  10. DON’T try and keep up with the Jones – Live a lifestyle that you are happy with but that is also within your means. Now a lot of people my age will spend £50 on a night out whereas I will spend £50 on a shadow palette. Each to their own but at the end of the day you need to know that that £50 was spent on something you are 100% okay with. Your friend wants to go on a super expensive trip? If you can’t afford it, either don’t go or try and convince them to cheapen up some aspects. Don’t try and stretch your budget further than is possible as you will end up in debt.

My extra tip for you isn’t about saving but about staying out of debt:

Always pay off credit card bills IN FULL. This is something I have had instilled in me from a young age. If you can’t afford to pay it back, just don’t spend it. Paying your credit bill off in full along with other bills ensures that you have a good credit score which in turn makes it easier to purchase or rent a place of your own.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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