Life in Pictures: March in Instagram

March was a pretty chilled out month for me but included a trip to brighton and a few meet ups and lunches out here and there! Carrying on with tradition, here is my month in instagram (

March 1

  1. Blogosphere Magazine
  2. Shooting OOTD’s
  3. The Body Shop Rose Shower Gel
  4. New purchases from ESPA
  5. Bee Good Lovin’
  7. The Bad Boy Candle
  8. Body Fantasies Spray – Grapefruit (the nicest smelling thing EVA)
  9. Pizza in Brighton
  10. PurePotions at #btonblogmeet
  11. Power of Makeup Selfie
  12. Soup Soup Soup

March 2

  1. Blogosphere Magazine
  2. Lunch at Orange Rooms
  3. Red Shirt and Red Lips
  4. Face of The Day
  5. Selfie
  6. The Chocolate Brownie of Dreams
  7. My new eye combination
  8. Candles
  9. Nail of the Day
  10. The Lemon Tart of Dreams
  11. Clarins Ombre Iridescent Shadow in Silver Pink
  12. GIANT Chocolate Buttons in Dark!!

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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