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Dotted amongst the crazy cat videos, the sneezing panda and the daily vlogs are some truly inspirational youtubers. By just watching them they inspire us to improve our lives, our mind, our relationships and our life in general. These golden nuggets often don’t have millions of followers but they definitely deserve them. Wether it be inspiring me to improve my fitness, skin, health or my lust for travel, they are each valid in their own right. Take a peak at the videos I like to watch to lift my spirits:

Carly Rowena – What a babe! She inspires as well as entertains with her bubbly personality. Wether you want a 1 song workout, some motivation for staying on track with your goals or some healthy food ideas Carly is your gal! Her videos give me that get up and go, a bit of an extra push to make the day energetic and extra awesome!

Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles – The loved up dynamic duo who want you to live an epic life and they truly make you wanna live it to! Wether it be through youtube, website, instagram or book they make you truly reflect on your life and make you delve deep to make changes.Videos are all about personal development and self-improvement and really got me thinking about ways to improve my life and got me thinking about ways to reduce the negativity in my life that serves no purpose. Plus, the locations they film in are absolutely stunning!


Rochelle Fox – This is my most recent discovery! Rochelle is an Australian Mindfulness and Meditation teacher with a love of travel. Teaching you to live in the moment, be grateful and to appreciate the stillness in life – which is something I am trying really hard to work on. I can’t wait for her to release new mindspo videos and have been binge watching her amazing travel vlogs.

The Lean Machines  – John and Leon are the Lean Machines, best friends from Norwich who love fitness and food and are there to help us all on our fitness and health journeys. Both guys are Personal trainers so they really do know what they are on about. Full of personality and laughs, with workout videos and recipes a plenty (that chilli though!!) these boys inspire you to get your arse into gear and step the health game up a notch.

Brooke Saward – Brooke is travel inspo at its finest. A solo travel blogger Brooke has been travelling the world since she graduated and shows no sign of slowing down. With locations to die for her videos inspire a real lust for life and you find yourself jotting down a new location to place on the bucket list after each video you watch. 


Caroline Hirons – Ever wanted to know the best skin care for your skin type, then Caroline’s your lady. My skin has drastically improved since using some of her recommendations, which in turn has improved my confidence. Her bubbly personality fills you with joy as you watch her product recommends, weekly vlogs and demonstration videos. A real gem in the beauty community.

The Financial DietAs I slowly get older and get further along in my career, I have really started to think about the value of money and budgeting. The Financial Diet is a helpful, insightful and inspirational channel which gets you to look closely at your finances, be ruthless and help you gain success in your career.

Who are the youtubers that you look up to or inspire you to get up and make today a better day? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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