Getting Back into Reading

I got well and truly sucked into the digital age, spending hours upon hours scrolling through my various social feeds and websites, wasting away hours on nothing productive. I have wanted to get back into reading for ages now and this month I finally started! As a teenager, the very first blog I ever set up was full of book reviews, I had a book tumblr, I worked in Waterstones and I could read a whole book in 1 day with my family not seeing hide nor hair of me. And then, the phone and tv got in the way and I chose the easy option, to sit in front of Made In Chelsea or the Kardashians and watch something in the background whilst scrolling away.

I am on book number 3 since the beginning of June and I couldn’t be more happy! And whilst they are not 500 page novels, everyone has to start somewhere. I have just hit the Reading Challenge button on my Goodreads and decided that by the end of the year I would like to have read 25 books – that is everything on my bookshelf currently (or there abouts). Nothing beats escaping into a good book, expanding your knowledge on a topic or simply reducing your stress. Above all else thought throughout the years as a writer, I have found the more books that I read the better my writing becomes.


Here are a few of my tips for getting back into reading:

  1. Schedule Schedule Schedule – Just like I plan to be in bed for 8pm on a Monday to watch Brogan’s weekly vlog and then be done with youtube by 9pm to watch Made in Chelsea, at first you need to start scheduling time to read, a time when you can set aside an hour or two and devote it to reading. This will, fingers crossed, get you back into the habit and then you can read whenever and wherever.
  2. Pick something that interests you – Gone are the days where you are forced into reading Shakespeare for A-Levels, pick something you have wanted to read for ages whether it be fiction or not fiction, read for you and don’t read something you think people expect you to be reading.
  3. Setting Goals – The 25 book goal I have set for myself is a brilliant way to get myself back into reading. Setting a target to reach, (which is achievable!), gives you something to work towards and a real sense of achievement once you have reached it. Goodreads is the perfect place to do this; it lets you keep a track of where you are in a book, what books you have read and what are on your to read list.
  4. Read with friends or start a book club – Another thing that can be good is reading a book at the same time as your mates, much like you might with a tv show or movie. This up’s your engagement level because you will want to discuss what is going on, especially when you reach the satisfying or not so ending.
  5. Play some easy listening or classic musical in the background – My mind wanders – A LOT. Music takes over most of the day simply just to keep my brain active and the same goes for reading. If I play some sort of music in the background all aspects of me are kept interested in the book and I find it easier to focus.

What are your top tips for getting into reading? Let me know in the comments below,

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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