Cue Camera

Are you a Southampton local? If so you have probably noticed the pop up installation that has appeared in Guildhall Square? But what exactly is inside?

These two sea containers have been converted into a state of the art photographic studio, Cue Camera brings together families and friends for a unique photography experience.

Every bloggers dream right? The studios are filled with costumes for men, women and children and you can even bring your pets along for a shoot! It is the perfect place to come and utilise the professional photographers and the containers are equipped with changing facilities as well!

img_1010 img_1012 img_1014 img_1016

We all thoroughly enjoyed the event and were given masses of food and bubbles! The staff are super friendly and it was such a fun evening with friends.

Cue Camera will be open fromΒ 7th – 31st December between 10am and 10pm. And with shoots starting from as little as Β£15 it really is fun for all the family with booking available or you can just pop by! Plus, Cue Camera are donating a portion of the profits to Support Benali’s big Race which raises money for Cancer Research!

Take a look at just how much fun we had with the photo’s below:

studio1_0251ccc16l-17068656 studio1_0308ccc16l-93623646 studio1_0314ccc16l-17068656Β cue-camera-christmas-southampton_2

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

*Complimentary photo experience


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