What I’ve Been Reading Lately  

At the beginning of the year I set myself a reading goal – which I now know I will not reach! I used to love reading so much as a teenager and I still do but I find myself not finding the time to do so. I haven’t gotten nearly as far along in my goal as I would have liked but I have managed to get quite a few books read in the last couple of months so take a look at my thoughts below:

Clean Eating Alice: Body Bible and Clean Eating Alice: Eat Well Everyday – Alice Liveing 

I love Alice’s Instagram and have been wanting to try these books for a while. They are structured well and have a good balance of information and recipes. I came away with a few things I want to try out.

Happy: A Practical Guide to finding joy each and every day – Fearne Cotton 

Until recently I didn’t even realise that Fearne had written some books but I was really intrigued to read this one. A great book all about mental health and how to increase the happiness in your life. It is an easy read with lots of really interesting topics all written in a thoughtful and inspiring way. The illustrations in the book are also fab! I would definitely recommend giving this a read. Better than a lot of mental health books I have read recently.

Am I Normal Yet? – Holly Bourne 

This is definitely one of the most relatable books I have EVER read. It follows the story of Evie who has OCD. She is off her meds and on her way to college where no one knows her as the ‘girl who went nuts’. She tries to navigate college and the new world of friendship, boys and feminism whilst battling to keep her OCD under control and a secret from her new friends. As someone with OCD, I loved the way it was relatable – I’ve got a hand washing routine a surgeon would be proud of and have missed large sections of events being stuck in the bathrooms or outside in a panic. I also love that the story was set out, with bad thoughts interrupting the middle of paragraphs and sentences and showing things that she gets to asked to complete in therapy. Well worth a read if you want to get an insight into OCD either for yourself, a friend or if you are just curious.

Boy Meets Boy – David Levithan  

The author behind Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist and Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List brings you the story of Paul. Paul lives in a small town, seen a little bit like a gay utopia, where everyones sexuality is out in the open and almost no one cares. It is a town where everything goes, the cheerleaders ride harleys and the star quarterback Daryl is also the homecoming queen. The story examines teenage friendships and relationships, what happens when you fall in love, mess up or ditch your friends for a SO. The story follows Paul who goes through the standard romance – boy meets boy, boy loses boy and then boy wins boy back. Said boy is called Noah and he is new to town and in Paul’s eyes pretty close to perfect! Overall a great YA novel.

What hav you been reading lately? What are your recommendations?

Let me know in the comments below

Love Charlotte xx


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