Top 5 Things to do in Montreal

On the 12th of May I set off with my parents on our 9 day Canadian Adventure, 4 of these days were spent in the Montreal. Montreal can be found in Quebec and the city’s official language is French. The city has some extremely beautiful views and we were super lucky with the weather – it was 35 degrees one day!

Planning a trip to montreal? Take a read below of my top 5 favourite things to do/places to go (and yes, as standard Charlotte one of them is a restaurant)

  1. Notre-Dame Basilica – Located in Old Montreal the Notre-Dame Basilica, inspired by the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, is an absolutely stunning Gothic Revival church with gorgeous stained glass windows. Join a guided tour if you can – they run really frequently and boy do the guides know their stuff. It was so interesting to learn stories about the room we were in. The architecture is incredible and if you manage to catch a quiet spot, you can loose yourself in the designs. IMG_3333.jpg
  2. Mount Royal – This hill, after which the city is named, is a huge climb! There are bus rides up to the top however the walk really is lovely, but not for the faint hearted! It is about 7km and 45 minutes including lots of uphill and stairs. I was so out of breathe by the time we reached the top but the views were 100% worth it. The lookout spot enables you to look over the entire city you have been spending your time in! IMG_0958.jpg
  3. Universel Déjeuner & Grillades – This restaurant has everything you could ever want and it was right next to our hotel! It is open from 7am till 10pm/11pm and sometimes even 12am and is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner. We had dinner here twice and breakfast/lunch! There will be something for everyone from fish to meat to pizza to burgers to salads! I am a particularly picky eater and I was still spoilt for choice. It is also really reasonably priced and the staff were lovely.
  4. Old Montreal – The oldest and most historic part of the city. The Notre Dame Basilica is located here as well as the Old Port. With some quaint gift shops and art shops it is a great little edition to the city and perfect for a mid afternoon stroll. IMG_0946.jpg
  5. Centre Eaton de Montreal – Anyone who knows me knows that I am never someone to pass up the opportunity to shop and the Eaton Centre is the perfect place to do that. Whilst it is not as big as the one in Toronto, there is still a massive array of shops and that air-conditioning is beaut (35 degrees say what). Some of my faves include: Bath and Body Works, Limite, Lindt, Sketchers and never fear there is a Sephora in one of the main streets in the town!

Have you been to Montreal? What were your favourite bits? Let me know in the comments below:

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