Supermarine Woolston Review

The last few months, well since Christmas really I have been pretty lax with my blogging event attendance. Life just kept getting in the way, so when I knew I was free to attend a SotonBloggers evening at the newly opened Supermarine I jumped at the chance.

Supermarine has opened up in Centenery Quay in Wooston alongside a Mettricks and Vospers. Supermarine specialises in Pizza, Pasta and Wine and there is nothing I love more than good Italian food so I couldn’t wait.

In typical blogger style when we arrived we were all up and about taking pictures of the restaurant and I loved the look and feel of it. It reminded me very much of Italy and the Mediterranean  and I loved that the Pizza oven gets pride of place in the kitchen and you can see the Chef’s cooking away.

We were treated to a huge selection of food and drink so we really could try it all. We had Starters, Pasta, Pizza and then Dessert.

My favourite starter by far was the Cheesy Garlic Bread – OMG it was so good and probably one of the best I have ever had! I also kept tucking into the Olives because I am a bit of an Olive fiend.

We were also served a Caprese Salad and some Prawns to go alongside our starters!

Next up was Pasta which is all made fresh on site. My favourite was the Ravioli wth Tomato Sauce – one of my staples at home! It was just the right portion size for one person and the sauce didn’t overpower the Pasta, I also really liked the Ravioli with the creamier sauce. It is also a well known fact that I am not a Carbonara fan but Supermarine changed my mind, I actually really liked theirs and it wasn’t too creamy which is usually what puts me off.

Once the Pasta was devoured, we all gathered round the kitchen and a few of us made Pizza’s for the group to enjoy. It was absolutely hilarious watching the girls make Pizza’s and they tasted delicious! I am a pretty plain girl at heart so my favourite was the Margarita but there was just the right balance of cheese and sauce and they were soo quick to make. It was fascinating watching the Chef explain how the Pizza’s are made and seeing them being cooked on the wood fire stove.

I didn’t manage to eat any of the Tiramisu as I needed to leave but just look at it ….

I had a lovely time with the girls and some new faces as well and left feeling well and truly stuffed full of carby goodness. As I am not from Woolston I didn’t even know this place existed but I will definitely be heading back there soon, the food was that good!

Thank you to the lovely staff and Chef’s at Supermarine for their hospitality and the invite, it was a great night and I am sure we will all be back again.

Until Next Time

Live Laugh Love


*Food Complimentary as part of SotonBloggers, this in no way influences my review.


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