23 things I learnt at 23

Another year, Another Birthday! My 24th birthday is coming up soon so i thought I would do a bit of reflecting on what I have learnt in my 23rd year on this planet!

  1. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime – And it is also totally okay if people change category in your mind. Some people I would have put in the lifetime section have definitely migrated their way to for a reason!
  2. Age is just a number – have friends older than you? Great. Younger than you? Great. Not accomplished something by a certain age? Don’t sweat it! Being a certain age doesn’t mean you need to have checked off everything in a checklist.
  3. Say Yes More
  4. Prioritise yourself always – nowadays everyone is rushing around a mile a minute and sometimes I turn things down because i just need some me time, some time to sit back and unwind and sort my headspace out. Don’t give yourself a hard time for saying no either!
  5. Don’t suffer in silence, cut people out of your life. You will feel better for it.
  6. Spend more money on experiences than things
  7.  Singing at the top of your lungs, dancing around your room, or having a good old cry fixes more than you think.
  8. Listen to your bodies signals – Feel sick, go to the doctor. Tired, go to bed.
  9. Good Things do not exist in your comfort zone – I DID NOT want to do a helicopter trip whilst i was in Canada but my parents convinced me and it was beyond the best thing I’ve done!
  10. Celebrate the little things! You got out of bed this morning – go you! You got a pay rise, break out the prosecco. There is no accomplishment too small to celebrate
  11. Digital Detoxes are a must – Even if it’s just for a day switch off and relax
  12. Doing things on your own is liberating – Go shopping, go see that movie, go see that show, have a spa day on your own, go for a wander in a city you’ve never been to before.
  13.  Find some form of fitness you enjoy and stick to it
  15.  Let things go – It happened, you didn’t like it! Take a step back, breathe, reflect and then move on. You can’t change something that has already happened so dwelling on it really does you no good.
  16.  Love what you love with your whole heart and don’t let people judge you for it. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures!
  17.  People aren’t going to understand your sexuality and thats okay – hell sometimes even you don’t.
  18.  If you aren’t happy in life, you have the power to change it
  19.  It is okay to say “no thanks” to that drink, cigarette, date, night out, day out. If it doesn’t float your boat say no, peer pressure is not your friend.
  20. Live in the moment but take all the pictures
  21.  Don’t compare yourself to others
  22. Loving yourself is hard.
  23. Be Thankful Always

23 was a learning curve thats for sure but I am looking forward to what 24 has to offer when the time arises next week.

In the past year, what are the things you’ve realised or learnt? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx


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