Top Tips for Travel Saving

Recently, I have decided to really spend my money more on experiences than things. I have been trying to cut out as much material buying as possible or to simply do that stuff on the cheap. I have a few travel plans/ideas for next year and even though my leave hasn’t been signed off yet (yikes!) I am 100% fully into the saving game!

Here are just a few things that I have already done to save myself money or that I continue to do so:

  1. Cancel that subscription – wether it be the magazine subscription you have but never seem to read, the netflix that doesn’t get used or the spotify that has taken a backseat to Apple Music. Cancel all subscriptions that you no longer use or that you use minimally but no where near enough to make the cost of the product back.
  2. Use cashback sites and employee discount programmes – this is one I have been extremely lax on but I have just relooked on my Quidco account and there are a lot of shops on there that I use. It’s worth getting money back or money off purchases you are going to make anyway. 
  3. Read via the library, overdrive or PDF’s – This is one major way I have been saving money recently. Books are not cheap nowadays and once I have read them I don’t tend to read them again unless they are my faves so having the physical copy really is of no use to me. I have been loving popping into my local library to get books and using their online rental service, overdrive to read books. I haven’t spent money on books since January and its awesome!
  4. Watch old movies/tv shows on the subscription service you already own instead of buying DVD’s or going to the cinema – Now I am not saying don’t go to the cinema as a treat but at about £15 a pop, work your way through the extensive list of netflix picks you have before you look at other options.
  5. Make your own food for work – This is a no-brainer and something I have been trying really hard with. Recently i looked at my bank balance for the month and found I had spent £45 in the co-op that month on literally tuna sandwiches, water and crisps! Get a refillable water bottle and make your own sandwiches, pasta, salads etc for the fraction of the cost!
  6. Wait longer between appointments – can you last a few more weeks until you get your hair dyed or your eyebrows threaded? I’ve found that postponing an appointment even just a few weeks will save you money as you will not need to get that said thing done as often!
  7. Try beauty treatments at home – I have always ALWAYS sucked at painting my own nails which is why I would always get shellac done at a salon. Now after a couple of weeks practice i have found that i am actually not that bad at painting my own nails and do it every week myself now. I have had the nail polishes for a while so there was no real upfront cost to it. In one month alone that has saved me £40.
  8. Shop your Stash – Another way I have been saving money recently is to use up everything I already own before purchasing replacements. I have just bought a perfume for the first time in forever! And cleaners, well through blogging I have enough samples to last me to at least the end of the year if not longer! I haven’t bought a cleaner in almost two years!!!
  9. Save a set amount each month – this can be as big or as small as your budget allows. I always move £50 into my designated travel savings account at the beginning of the month and then I always have about £150 left at the end of the month that I will then move this into their too.
  10. Use Vouchers, codes and discount cards – I always dine out on vouchers and go shopping with vouchers. It is great to save money wherever you can and if you can get a meal for 40% off you should totally do that. If I am buying anything online I will always google ‘shop name voucher codes’ and see what comes up – I have made some pretty good savings this way. I also use my railcard to get cheap train tickets.
  11. Payment upfront if you save money – If there is something that you know you are going to be using a lot of and it saves you money to bulk buy upfront do so. My bus fare was cheaper to buy for a year at £400 a year than buying the £30 weekly ticket.

What are your best money saving tips? Share them with me in the comments below – id love to hear them

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