25 before 25 

I may have only literally just turned 24 in September but I am hurtling full speed towards my mid twenties and I have decided to compile a mini bucket list of things I would like to have achieved by the time I reach 25! As you can see a lot of these are things that my anxiety has made me petrified of but I am going to try and kick some ass next year and see how many of these I can accomplish.

  1. Get a tattoo // I have about 4/5 tattoos that I really want to get I just need to make a start. It is something that has scared me for a while now but I need to just take the plunge.
  2. Go to a West End Musical actually in the West End // I really am spoilt for choice with the musicals we have available down South but I really do need to make a trip up to London to see something soon.
  3. Go to a convention // A room full of your favourite people. Something I definitely need to experience for myself.
  4. Meet an online friend in person // All of my blogging friends started off as people I would just speak to online and are now some of my best friends. There are still so many people I consider friends that I know online that I would love to see in person.
  5. Travel alone for a weekend// I am possibly headed to Paris next year
  6. Complete my NVQ Level 3 in Marketing // I have been doing this since I was 23 and the deadline is the day of my 25 birthday but I am hoping to seriously get cracking on this in the New Year and get it completed in plenty of time.
  7. Go to Australia // I have been wanting to do this for as long as I can remember but I could never afford it or have the time to do it right. But this year, fingers crossed it might be something within my reach.
  8. Travel Alone for longer than a week // This kinda goes hand in hand with number 7 and kills two birds with one stone.
  9. Visit a UK city I have never been too before // I always love exploring new cities in my own country and I have loved everywhere I have visited so far. I know I have a few day trips to new places already planned so I can’t wait to tick this one off the list.
  10. Learn another Language// The online world is great meaning that you can converse with people all over the world. I would love to learn Italian and re-learn french so travelling is easier plus they are both beautiful languages
  11. Go to a Wedding // This is cheating because I already have invite for one of these but I have never been to a wedding so its on my bucket list for sure.
  12. Volunteer // I have always enjoyed volunteering and have done a lot of it in the past and would love to do more of it this year.
  13. Make a new friend // Expanding your friendship group is never a bad thing and I really want to meet some new people this year.
  14. Go to the movies on my own // This has always been intimidating for me to do and I would love to conquer it so I can just go and do this stuff on my own.
  15. Go on a Date // Anyone who knows me knows the mere idea of a date freaks me out so I need to get over that hurdle.
  16. Read 25 books in a year // I really enjoy reading and want to keep the momentum going this year and complete 25 books before I turn 25.
  17. Learn how to cook // I need to learn everything! Starting from the very beginning at the very basics. There is only so many veggie burgers and pasta dishes you can live off of when your parents are away.
  18.  Try out 5 new restaurants // I am always guilty of heading to my old favourites but I think it is time to try and find some new haunts.
  19. Go on a weekend away with a friend // wether it is in the UK or abroad hanging out in a new city with your friends is always a joy
  20. Have a professional photoshoot // I love taking photos but am not very confident getting them taken by other people. I much prefer selfies! I feel like this would be a real confidence boost and great blog content!
  21. Get a second income // I am always a hard worker and have been thinking about developing a side hustle for a while now so I would like to at least give it a shot this year.
  22. Get a bikini Wax // Probably a little bit TMI but this is something that I have always been put off doing because people say how painful it is but it is definitely something I want to get done before I head to those australian beaches.
  23. Grow my hair dye out // This is something that I have started pretty much as soon as I was 24. Don’t get me wrong, I love my highlights but they are so expensive to get done and I would rather keep the money and time in my pocket for other things.
  24. Watch 50 films // Anyone who knows me knows I am more of a TV person than a movie person so I will always choose a box set binge over a film but I have a list of films i want to watch as long as my arm so i really want to get started on this and think 50 is a great place to start.
  25. Drive on the motorway// I learn to drive almost 4 years ago now and i still haven;t been on the motorway. This is definitely something I want to tick of this list as it means I can explore more places.

So that is the list of 25 things I want to complete by the time I turn 25! What are things you want to achieve before your next birthday? Let me know in the comments below.

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx


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