Top Online Selling Tips – Ebay, Depop, CEX and more……

As anyone who follows me on my various socials will know, I am saving to travel! Whilst I am currently looking into ways to increase my income, my first port of call was to sell anything that wasn’t serving me a purpose or improving my life in anyway. As a teenager I spent my money on a LOT of stuff and most of it hasn’t been used in years because ‘adult’ me is no longer interested.

First things first, before you get anywhere near the selling stage – DO A CLEAR OUT! Not only will this declutter your living space but it will also provide you with plenty of quality items to sell. When looking at an item I go by the rule of:

  • When was the last time I used this?
  • Do I need it still?
  • Do I want it still?
  • Is it bringing anything to my life?

If the answer to any of these question is no I add it to a pile of things to sell.

Now, the bit you all came for the SELLING!

My first tip would be to look at the items you have and determine where you will get the best value for money for this product. The main websites I use to sell my unwanted items are Ebay, CEX, and MusicMagpie. This all have online inventories so you can type in your item and see which one is likely to offer you the most money! Genius right. Now on to the tips :


  • This is one of the best places to sell you electronics – you can go in store so there is no worry of your item getting lost in the post. You get an valuation then and there and you can decide what to do with it.
  • Always take the cash. Store credit is higher than the amount of cash you will get but if you are trying to save money you don’t want to be putting money back into there business.
  • Make your trips count – sometimes things are only worth 1p, 5p so make sure you have a sizeable amount of dvd’s to sell.
  • Clean your electronics and bring all the original packaging – you will get better money for you items if all the original packaging comes with it and it is in good condition.
  • remove any identifying/personal data from electronics – they will not accept items unless they have been wiped.

WeBuyBooks and Music Magpie

  • Put items in both websites to see which one gives you the most money for that individual item
  • Make sure the items are in good condition otherwise they will keep the item but not pay you
  • Take your parcels to your local MyHermes point – there is no delivery charge meaning you get to keep more of your profits
  • Get payment sent to you paypal – this is the fastest and most secure method.


  • End your auctions on the weekend (preferably a Sunday) – this is when the most people are on eBay and you are likely to see more purchases and sometimes evening bidding wars
  • Utilise free listings – you get 20 free listings a month as a private seller and on the odd occasion like this month you get 100 listings a day for free!! This means that you don’t pay anything to upload your item, you do still pay the selling fee though
  • Take advantage of offers you get sent through – this week I got a max £3 selling fee. I clicked accept and a few days later I sold my old laptop for £150 and only payed £3 fee instead of the £15 I would have done ordinarily
  • Measure and weigh parcels to ensure you don’t overpay at the post office
  • As a rule of thumb I post out Royal Mail Second Class Signed for. This is £3.95 and is perfect for most items of clothing etc. This means that it is relatively cheap for the purchaser and both you and them can track the item.
  • Bundle items – my fave example for this is samples. Do you have loads of samples lying around or gifts with purchases that you never used. Sell them in bulk and you would be surprised at the amount of money people are willing to pay for them.
  • Sell things for parts! – You would be amazed what professionals can do with your damaged goods. Computers with no battery or operating system, watches without batteries etc. People will pay good money for stuff they can then fix up and sell on for a better price.
  • Start your items at the lowest price you are prepared to take – I recently sold a bra on eBay that I never wore. I put it on for £3.50 as I just wanted rid of it. It ended up selling for £11.50. More people are likely to bid on an item if you start off lower.
  • Be honest about any problems and defects – people are still likely to buy if you are honest but will not be happy if they get an item in an unsatisfactory condition
  • Provide good customer service – I always email an invoice over to the buyer as soon as there purchase goes through, I will tell them that if they pay I will get the item in the mail on Monday for them (Sunday listings) I also leave them positive feedback thanking them for their fast purchase and put a small note inside the parcel thanking them for their purchase and asking them to leave feedback on my account. Also if you get any questions on your items answer them promptly and accurately

Well those are my hints and tips on selling your unwanted items. What are you fave websites for shifting you unwanted stuff? Let me know in the comments below

Until Next Time,

Laugh, Love and Shop

Charlotte xx

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