Elusion Escape Rooms: Seven Sins

Being locked in an enclosed space is not everyone’s cup of tea – but its what us kids do for fun nowadays.

Last week, I headed to the Elusion Escape Rooms with my work colleagues for a bit of team bonding! And this was team bonding like I’ve never experienced it before.

Elusion rooms is literally 5 minutes from our office and right opposite Southampton train station. Elusion offers two different escape rooms – the first is Pandora Heist which sees you pretending to be thieves to break into the home of an antiquities professor and steal a legendary artefact but will you make it out before the police arrive.

We however went for the more unusual of the two escape rooms. Seven Sins. This escape room is suitable for those 15+ and sees you trapped and poisoned in the basement of a serial killer. You have to confront the seven deadly sins and collect enough antidotes for your team to survive.

I have to admit I was a tiny bit apprehensive ( I think we all were) as I don’t do Horror. NOPE, NADDA, DEFINITELY NOT! But whilst there where points where I was blooming terrified I absolutely loved it! The visuals, jump scares and noises make for a fully immersive experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. It is bonkers from start to finish – blindfolds, handcuffs, chains included. I may have spent what felt like 10 minutes chained to the wall because we couldn’t find my key but ironically that was the task that took us the longest. Once we were all unchained we really got into the swing of things and managed to make it out ALL FIVE OF US ALIVE with 9 minutes to spare!

This is not for the faint hearted but will offer you an hours of entertainment you will never forget. We all loved it and will definitely be back to try out Pandora Heist – i think our poor hearts need a bit of a rest!

Check out the video here to see what would be in store if you decided to take on the challenge. At £24 per person it is really good value and gives you a great talking point for days to come.

Have you ever been to an escape room? Let me know what your faves are in the comments down below.

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